MojoCryo Owner Takes Us Through the Benefits off Cryotherapy

Written By: Carli Critchfield  MojoCryo
Photographed By: Andrea Domjan

Name: Jill Allen
Credentials: Owner of MojoCryo

MojoCryo is a new Cryotherapy spa just steps from Fashion Island. Jill Allen, the owner, opened and designed it herself, the place is just as clean as it is cute. When you talk with Jill you can tell how passionate she is about Cryotherapy and after letting me try it out for myself, I can see where she gets her passion from.

Q: Tell me a little more about MojoCryo and the benefits of cryotherapy.

Jill Allen: Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is exposure to subzero temperatures. Extreme cold stimulates skin sensors, activating a Central Nervous System (CNS) response. This causes the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain inhibitors and mood elevators, while the enhanced circulation activity (blood movement into and out of the core) decreases inflammation by clearing toxins and metabolic waste with a supply of oxygen and nutrient enriched blood to stimulate cellular regeneration (faster healing). Treatments have been adopted by elite athletes and pro teams for muscle and injury recovery. WBC is becoming nationally well documented as being used for the daily management of pain, inflammation, energy, and stress related conditions.

Q: Recently I’ve seen Cryotherapy becoming more and more popular. How would you say that you stand apart from the competition?

JA: Whether our clients needs are reparative or preventative in nature, we offer several therapeutic services that can help our even our busiest clients reach maximum vitality in minutes or when time allows, customize treatments that will leave them feeling refreshed rejuvenated and revitalized!  Where we may differ is our spa like ambience and several different types of therapies.

Q: MojoCryo just had its grand opening, tell me a little bit about the process before the grand opening, what inspired you to open up MojoCryo?

JA: After losing my very best friend to cancer and having had a tumor myself, health & wellness is something I am very passionate about. I’ve witnessed the healing benefits of cryotherapy in others suffering from various illnesses and injuries & definitely feel the benefits of cryo myself. The main reason I opened MojoCryo was to help  those who suffer from pain and offer a healthy alternative to prescription drugs.

Q: Opening a new shop is a lot of work; did you have a good support system and team to help you along the way?

JA: My friends and family support me in everything I do. It’s been a labor of love and I want everyone that walks thru the door of MojoCryo to feel better and walk out happier than when they arrived.

Q: On your Facebook it says that MojoCryo also offers a Cryofacial, what is that? And what other services do you offer?

JA: Cryofacial focuses exclusively on the face with the local CryoWand, the surface of the face is enhanced immediately. The cold effects on the face tightens your pores while simultaneously reducing inflammation and puffiness that we all know too well. Repeated CryoFacial treatments result in the increased production of collagen by triggering the cell growth cycle, exposing fresh youthful skin. Skin elasticity is returned to an earlier, younger time in the life of the skin. Besides Whole Bocy Cryotherapy, we also offer:   

Local Cryotherapy/Spot Treatment
Compression Therapy
Light Therapy
Infrared Sauna

Q: I’m sure there are skeptics out there on the effectiveness of Cryotherapy, what would you say to those skeptics?

JA: Cryotherapy has been used as early as the seventeenth century and as you’ve mentioned earlier, it’s getting more and more popular because it really is effective. People are pleasantly surprised  by how great  they feel after just one three-minute session. Pro athletes, celebrities, supermodels are making it part of their daily routine. Most pro sports teams  have installed cryosaunas in their locker rooms to speed up athletic recovery.

Q: What are your goals for MojoCryo?

JA: At MojoCryo, our goal is to maximize health, performance and wellness utilizing state of the art technology and recovery modalities in a positive, relaxing environment.

2091 San Joaquin Hills Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92660
MojoCryo in Newport Beach is All About Providing Healing and Happiness

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