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Disneyland Hotel Hosts Most Trusted Brands of Orange County Event

Written By: Nicole Hakim Most Trusted Brands
Photographed By: Lisa Mony

It is a well-known fact that people love to spend money on everything from cars to clothes to food, but it is also known that people love to shop at places they trust. By going to the company they know will treat them well, they are promised a good product and an even better experience. But, how do people know the best places to shop?

Well, the Values Institute can help with that. On July 27th, it hosted the Most Trustworthy Brands event, which celebrated the best brands in retail, automotive, food and more in the Grand Ballroom at the Disneyland Hotel. For $85 per ticket, guests were able to attend the event and learn just what makes a company a strong and successful one. Before the event officially started, attendees—including representatives from the nominated brands and media goers—checked in at registration in the lobby. The lobby was full of lively people all dressed to impress in suits, dresses and ties, eagerly awaiting the start of the event.

Guests learned about the science of trust that each brand has to meet in order to be able to gain meaningful relationships with its consumers. These factors include competence, consistency, candor, concern and connection, something that all of the nominees possessed. Over 250 brands were surveyed in 10 categories, but in the end, only 30 made the top. The categories included were general retail, entertainment, non-profit, health services, apparel, higher education, finance and insurance, technology, automotive and restaurant chain. Those who won awards in their respective sections were Trader Joe’s, Disneyland, Goodwill of OC, Hoag, Vans, UCI, AAA, Google, Honda, and In-N-Out Burger, whose president won Most Trustworthy Leader of this year. The COO of The Values Institute, Mike Metzler, introduced and celebrated Lynsi Snyder’s awe-inspiring devotion to being the best leader possible. When receiving her plaque and flowers, Snyder was emotional as she spoke about her family and her passion for continuing what In-N-Out has meant and stood for in its nearly 70 years of business.

The keynote speaker, Michael Weisman, took the stage, and he shared some words of wisdom with the audience. According to his father, there are two important moments in your life: “The day you were born and the day you discover why.” These words have driven Weisman his whole life as he realized that corporate America has lost its way. He often stressed that a company needs a “why”—a reason to succeed that is far more than doing business and making money. In his new book, “Choosing Higher Ground, ” Weisman talks about the importance of trust and values, and how these help companies and customers connect to one another and uplift each other. The companies at the event have all communicated their purpose well, by sharing the values their businesses strive always to follow.

Though some companies claim to have values, the truth of the matter is not all make the effort to push them. The nominees, however, have proven their dedication to both the people and themselves. After all, they were honored at this year’s event for a reason. If a company is unwilling to connect to customers by no more than by taking their money, the chances are the relationship will crumble, and the customer will go elsewhere. According to Weisman, “Sharing values is the breadth and depth of trust, not the depth of customers’ pocketbooks.” Without a “why, ” without trust, how can a company hope to stay afloat?

The Grand Ballroom itself is what one would expect from Disney. It was large, clean and elegant, and it felt as if you had walked into a Disney princess film. Guests were assigned to certain tables, where they enjoyed delicious foods such as tomatoes and feta, bread and butter, chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables and sweet raspberry cake. There wasn’t any live music to enjoy, but during the event, jazz and light music played over the speakers, adding to the lively yet relaxing feel. Guests also got to take home a gift bag filled with important flyers, a phone car charger, a sleep mask and Michael Weisman’s book.

Disneyland Hotel
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The Values Institute
217 N Main St
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Brands to Stand By According to The Values Institute