Move Over, Elon Musk: Renova Solar’s Founder and CEO is Taking Over the Coachella Valley

Vincent Battaglia Wants to Shake Up the Power Industry

Written By: Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti
Photographed By: Bianca Simonian

Expert: Vincent Battaglia
Credentials: Founder and Owner, Renova Solar

With a passion for clean energy, Vincent Battaglia is a man ready to take on the polluting power companies and change the power industry. He is an individual that can change the future of the better.

Q: What inspired you to get into the solar energy business?

Vincent Battaglia: That essentially goes back to when I lived in Russia. I saw the waste and I knew there were better ways to use energy without so much waste of natural resources and electricity.

Q: Your company is young—founded in 2006—and you have already won many awards. Will you tell us about some of them?

VB: It makes me happy to hear us be called a young company. Four years is the average for a solar company. I like the recognition, but I use it as a motivator. My greatest honor was to receive Dealer of the Year from Sun Power. We use their modules. Of the 452 dealers, we were dealer of the year and it is great to receive that recognition from our peers. I was a finalist last year in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award for the Inland Empire and Orange County. I am going back next year and I will win. We strive for common goals; for better, new, energy.

Q: It is fascinating that you envisioned Renova Solar as your Master’s thesis. Can you tell us more about that and did the thesis eventually become your book Cut the Cord?

VB: Yes. In 2007 there was so much misinformation about solar energy, batteries, our right to use the sun and energy independence. So, I started to write notes about the horrible business models of the energy companies, microgrids and batteries in the home. Eventually, I had so many notes I had to cut them down and turned them into my book. If anyone would like to learn more, they can reach out to me at Renova Solar, and I will send them a copy free of charge.

Q: You emphasize that you are a local company. How do you see your role in the community?

VB: I want this community be proud of what can be grown here. We can be more than small businesses with 10 employees. We can grow national organizations. I want to see the Coachella Valley lead as entrepreneurs and continue to use our valley as a headquarters.

Q: Your passion for getting everyone off the electrical grid has created a 30 million dollar company. In light of all your success, are you still as passionate about your work?

VB: Yes, it is my purpose. I serve my purpose with passion. I have no other choice.

Q: Why are you so passionate to get everyone off the grid?

VB: Because, when I left Russia, and I had seen the oligarchies and how mean they are to their people and their control over power companies, I knew I had to do something about it in my country. I saw how corrupting centralized power can be. The power companies don’t have to prove themselves any longer. I refuse to allow that to go on. The power companies exist on our backs. In the ‘70s they could have invested in the sun for great clean power and better rates for payers. I am not selling something that will not work. I have no bag of tricks. Every day, with every contract, I use the sun for my purpose. If the power companies think someone is gunning for them, if they feel a target on their backs, it is me, meaning that solar and battery will take them out as a business model. I know how to affect them and how to affect change.

Getting Symbolic: Saffron orange is Renova Solar’s mascot color, as it’s the color of light and eternal life.

Great Beginnings: Renova Solar started officially in 2006, and are dedicated to being an energy company offering closed loop, holistic solutions that will help consumers avoid the electric utilities who really are the energy companies of yesteryear.

Renova Solar
75-181 Mediterranean Ave
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Photoshoot Location:
KBC by Benjamin Sullivan
73-790 El Paso
Palm Desert, CA 92260

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