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Hot chicken joint CLUCK & BLAZE out of Long Beach, CA is bringing hot chicken to breakfast time…and we can’t wait to eat it again.

Posted by Foodbeast on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Nashville hot chicken has exploded in recent years, leaving ample room for chefs to experiment with the regional specialty. Featured in our latest News Bites, one of the most exciting creations is something that could’ve only been made in California: the Nashville Hot Breakfast Burrito from Cluck & Blaze in Long Beach.

As with most great dishes, they’ve kept the ingredients list simple: cheese, egg, tater tots, ‘comeback sauce’, and, of course, chicken tenders. What’s unique is their preparation, with the 360-degree cheese and egg skirt being the most visually striking element here.

By placing what equals to an unflipped omelet over a cheese-topped tortilla, the tots, tenders, and sauce are ensnared by a three-headed snake the likes of which can be akin to the 2017 Golden State Warriors.

These aren’t your average fair chicken tenders either. These guys are hefty, like if you actually deboned a chicken breast.

After getting a light slathering of oil, the tenders are covered in a smokey spice mix and chopped into bit-sized pieces. The mix comes in five varying levels of heat: Chicken?!, You Can Do Better, Better!, Feel It Twice, Call Mom, and Call the Morgue. I’ll let you take a guess at which one is the spiciest.

The whole thing is then doused in ‘comeback sauce’, which is Cluck & Blaze’s house sauce that’s made with a secret blend of spices.

Unsurprisingly, the five instruments of flavor work in harmony like it’s that one four-second part of a song where the melody hits just right. With fluffy egg, gooey cheese, crispy tots, and hot chicken in every bite, it’s hard to imagine where this could’ve gone wrong, and how someone hasn’t done this before. It’s a unique take on hot chicken, one that separates itself from the pack of sandwiches that have come to represent hot chicken’s supposed height.

It’s real height comes in the form of the Foodbeast-sized burrito shown below. Ask for the Foodbeast version, and Cluck & Blaze will chef up a burrito fit for Man Vs. Food. With double the egg, cheese, tots, sauce, and, tenders, this thing could feed three with ease.

Hats off to Cluck & Blaze, and check out the video to catch an in-depth look at this unique item and it’s gargantuan sibling.

Created in Partnership with Cluck & Blaze.