New Boutique Gym in Newport Beach Has Former Professional Athlete at the Helm

One of Newport’s Newest Training Facilities Shakes Things Up

Written By: Sierra Rae Everett The LOOK Fitness

The LOOK Fitness is one of Newport Beach’s newest boutique gyms and is the go-to facility for many professional dancers. Bryan Greene, the owner of The LOOK Fitness, has put his heart and soul into designing a training facility that provides its members with the tools necessary to exceed expectations and succeed in the pursuit of reaching their dreams. The LOOK Fitness is located right next to Fashion Island and features a variety of unique equipment and popular classes (ex. Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Battle Rope and more) for members to enjoy throughout the week. In order to maintain a comfortable and private environment for members to train, a waitlist is implemented when the membership cap is reached. This ensures that the facility never becomes overcrowded and members will never have to wait for a piece of equipment.

The passion that fuels the success of The LOOK Fitness is derived from the dedication and strength it took Bryan to overcome his own personal obstacles. At the age of 22, Bryan underwent full reconstructive surgery to recover from a skiing accident. Before his accident, Bryan was a professional skier who competed on the US ski team. Doctors said that Bryan would never be able to ski again and would be unable to walk for six months.

Refusing to allow his current situation to determine his final destination, he began to train and made remarkable progress that others admired. As a result, Bryan now works one on one with clients from athletes to lawyers and doctors to provide the best results possible while training for competitions, auditions, life or recovery. Bryan helped Dr. Roman Shulze recover after a horrible infection of West Nile Virus left him in a wheelchair. According to Dr. Shulze’s Yelp review of Bryan, “he literally got me back on my feet and walking again.” Bryan also develops a customized workout routine for his clients that applies the movements and strength training necessary to design and train their body to achieve the style/look that they desire.   

A few of the notable names Bryan has personally trained include:

Whitney Prenger- A former Clipper Spirit Dancer and Chivas USA Chiva Girl.

Michelle Cirrito- Michelle is a current Laker Girl and former dancer for The Ladies of The Ontario Fury and Anaheim Bolts.

Kaylee Uribe- Current Golden State Warriors dancer and former dancer for The Ladies of The Ontario Fury and Anaheim Bolts.

Cameron Silvas- Cameron is a former Chivas USA Chiva Girl.

Due to the success Bryan’s clients have had, many often inquire how they too can train like a professional dancer. Bryan’s response is simple, as he insists that one must make fitness a part of their life. “For these girls, it is their job to stay in shape and inspire others, ” he says. To the girls that Bryan trains and the top professional dancers in the industry, fitness is much more than just a hobby; it is their career and missing out on their workout routine is not an option.

In Bryan’s experience, it also takes much more than a rockin’ bod to make it past the audition stage. To stand out, personality is mandatory, and it is the interview portion of the audition that makes or breaks the participant’s career. To any aspiring dancers, he recommends sharing something with the judges that you would want the whole team to know about you, something quirky and genuine about yourself that will set you apart from the rest.

The layout of The LOOK Fitness allows you to flow smoothly from one workout to the next and even features a variety of “pro-racks” and cardio equipment that you won’t find at a regular gym. If you’re willing to work hard towards achieving your goals and have an unbreakable spirit, this boutique gym has everything you need to quench your thirst for success. Bryan has even equipped the location with a ballet barre—in case it wasn’t already obvious that The LOOK Fitness is every professional dancer’s dream come true.

The LOOK Fitness
2125 San Joaquin Hills Rd
Newport Beach, CA 92660
The LOOK Fitness Aims to Shake Things Up

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