Your New Favorite Vegan Restaurant Just Landed in West Hollywood

You’re Going to Love This Menu

Written By: Elizabeth Morris
Photography Provided By: Locali Health Convenience

There is no better place to be vegan than in California. Not only is California famous for its health-conscious lifestyle, it is home to the restaurant Locali. Some may see plant-based restaurants as exclusive to vegans, Locali invites anyone with a passion for healthy eating, vegans and meat eaters alike, to enjoy a nutritious meal. Whoever said that eating healthy had to be a chore? This innovative restaurant follows the motto of “healthy convenience,” and their menu proves that eating well can be simple and delicious.

Organic, natural ingredients form the foundation of Locali’s gourmet deli menu. Locali specializes in serving mouthwatering meals that you can feel good about eating because they are a treat for your body as much as your tastebuds. In addition, Locali gives visitors the opportunity to specialize a meal to fit their dietary preferences. Whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, meat or gluten-free, Locali will personalize your dish. “No matter what your dietary preference

is, you can dine with us without sacrificing flavor,” Co-Founder and COO Greg Horos says. “We cater to everyone’s taste buds and eating lifestyles. We extend our Consistency in Caring model of service to each community we serve and make sure that the food we serve is made with integrity and love for all who enter our doors.”

If you opt for the carnivorous option, expect some high-quality meats. All their deli meats come from animals that have been fed a vegetarian grain diet and have not been treated with hormones. By the time your plate is empty and your fingers are licked clean, you will feel cleansed.

Once you open their menu, you may have to sit and stare for a few moments, wondering which of their incredible dishes to choose. Locali’s menu includes a range of foods, such as sandwiches, bowls, salads, smoothies and much more. Newcomers may have heard raving reviews about Locali’s renowned reuben. This iconic sandwich is made with marinated vegan deli slices, swiss cheese or vegan cheese and sauerkraut then drizzled with homemade vegan russian dressing and enclosed in rye bread. If you stop by for breakfast or brunch, try their “Badaaasss Breakfast Sandwich.” The name says it all, this sandwich provides more than enough motivation to get out of bed in the morning. If you find yourself overwhelmed by all of Locali’s tempting options, follow this simple advice: when in doubt, order the avocado toast. No matter the time of day, you cannot go wrong with this classic LA dish. Locali generously covers multigrain bread with a spicy avocado mash before adding hemp seeds and mango chutney.

Once you have finished your entree, top off your meal with a guilt-free treat. Their rich, creamy vegan coconut froyo will melt in your mouth. Do not be surprised if you find yourself loving their vegan froyo as much or more as normal ice cream.

Currently, Locali has locations in Venice and Hollywood. Their vegan sister fast food kiosk is located in DTLA called Localita & The Badasserie. West Hollywood will have their Grand Opening on Nov. 16. The first 100 guests will snag free food and exclusive giveaways! Located between the Hollywood Heights and Griffith Park, the new restaurant is nestled in the heart of Hollywood. Locali is more than excited to be a part of the Hollywood community and bring their conveniently, healthy food to the epicenter of Los Angeles culture.

Locali Health Convenience
8730 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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