New Year, New Look! This Cosmetic Expert Has 5 Treatments That’ll Give You That 2021 Glow

Start the New Year Looking Your Best!

Written By: Audrey Kemp 
Photography Provided By: Erik Isakson Favorite Cosmetic Treatments

For forays into the cosmetic surgery world, dermal fillers are a prudent starting place. From smoother skin to larger lips and balanced profiles, the syringe often performs better—and with a fraction of the down time and price—than the knife. “We can use this time of wearing masks and social distancing to emerge looking more enhanced,” enthuses Joanna Yoo, aesthetic nurse at the Physicians Center for Renewal. Here are Nurse Joanna’s top five non-surgical procedures. 


Name: Joanna Yoo

Job Title: Aesthetic Nurse at Physicians Center for Renewal


1 | Plump Your Lips  Favorite Cosmetic Treatments

When it comes to full yet natural-looking lips, Joanna recommends erring on the side of what’s FDA-approved. “I typically use the classic lip fillers, Juvederm Ultra XC or Restylane-L, depending on the client’s desired look,” says Joanna.


2 | Believe in Botox

“Botox can both smooth wrinkles and soothe certain medical conditions like chronic migraines by paralyzing facial muscles,” explains Joanna. “That said, when it comes to Botox, patience is a virtue, as takes three to 10 days to first notice effects, but results can last up to three to four months on average.”


3 | Say Yes to Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Favorite Cosmetic Treatments

“My favorite non-surgical cosmetic treatment, by far, is the injectable nose job; adding a drop just before a bump on the bridge, coupled with a drop of filler on the tip, makes a world of difference. Plus, unlike Botox, the results of fillers can be seen immediately.

4 | Choose Your ChinFavorite Cosmetic Treatments

“Liquid chin augmentation can be the hidden solution to a more feminine, placid profile,” Joanna explains. “The Botox injectables relax the mentalis muscle, and fillers can be used to project the chin more, creating a heart-shaped face.”


5  | Charm Your Cheeks

According to Joanna, “Cheek fillers create the illusion of more defined cheekbones in addition to giving you a naturally contoured look.” Joanna recommends one full syringe on each cheek of either Voluma, Radiesse or Restylane Lyft.


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