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Written by: Ashley Sands
Photographed by: Carlos Valle Non-Invasive Medical Techniques
Model: Cole Beaumarchais of Brand Model and Talent

Over 100 million Americans suffer from some type of chronic pain. At Newport Regenerative Medicine, patients can heal from injuries and experience less pain without the need for surgery by using a combination of several therapies that promote natural healing and recovery. To help improve your overall health, we’ve come up with the top five reasons you should give Newport Regenerative Medicine a try!


1 | Avoid Surgery Non-Invasive Medical Techniques

Regenerative medicine is a slice of medicine between conservative care such as therapy and surgery. Shadi Amin, a patient educator at Newport Regenerative Medicine, states, “There are risks such as developing blood clots, adverse reaction to anesthesia or post-surgical complications such as infection that are at times associated with undergoing surgery.” However, regenerative medicine doesn’t involve those risks due to its non-invasive nature. This form of therapy adds Human Biologics (stem cells) and platelet-rich plasma to affected areas to promote healing. 

Native Knowledge: Newport Regenerative Medicine has a 70 percent success rate without the risk of surgery and the downtime for recovery afterward.


2 | Minimize or Reduce Chronic Pain Non-Invasive Medical Techniques

Regenerative medicine can decrease pain and increase function. It can treat a variety of conditions including hip and knee injuries shoulder pain, ankle sprains and neck and back pain. “What I’ve seen in the clinic is just phenomenal. Seven out of ten patients see improvement,” Amin expresses. 

Native Knowledge: Patients can expect results from eight weeks up until six months following treatment. However, some patients have seen results as early as one or two weeks.


3 | Holistic Approach to Medicine Non-Invasive Medical Techniques

Regenerative medicine allows the body to repair and regenerate itself through holistic practices. An advocate for non-invasive and natural healing, Newport Regenerative Medicine uses regenerative and anti-aging techniques to reverse aging and degeneration on a cellular level. Stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy and prolotherapy can restore structure and function to damaged tissue and joints.

Native Knowledge: Regenerative medicine activates the body’s own natural ability to combat injury and repair and regenerate torn and damaged tissue.


4 | Time-efficient With Little to No Downtime

Regenerative medicine has minimal downtime and quick treatments. With little to no recovery time, individuals can continue living active lives. Although the number and type of injections depend on each patient’s condition, the recommendation is usually for one injection only.

5 | Minimally Invasive

There is no cutting or surgery involved in the therapy. Instead, they use injections to promote growth within the body. Without the use of cortisone or steroids, these treatments aims to heal without causing further damage. This makes the whole process simpler, with less impairment replace with adverse effects to the body.

Regenerative medicine assists in slowing the degenerative disease process and assists the body in harnessing its own power to heal damaged tissue. Newport Regenerative Medicine gives patients another avenue to reduce chronic pain and combat injury.


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