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This Store is the Epitome of SoCal Cool

Written By: Melissa Mitchell OC Boutique West of Camden

With a new store location and continually fresh merch, West of Camden has been keeping Southern California stylish since 2012. This artsy, beach-meets-street brand stays true to its customers’ style and maintains a unique mix of creations from local designers. Lindsey Lamoureux, co-owner of West of Camden, tells us more about what’s in store for the boutique.

Q: Describe your brand in a snapshot for our readers.

Lindsey Lamoureux: We are a collection of clothing, art, and design. Our original store is located in Corona Del Mar and we just recently opened a second location in Pacific City. We are really into art, music, food and local products, and we like to support as many local vendors as we can in our store. Any larger-brand items in house are hand-picked by us as well. Among our favorite brands are Obey, LOVE NAIL TREE, Howe, good hYOUman, Chaser and Nothing & Company.

Q: What inspired you to open a store?

LL: The store was opened by my husband and I in 2012. Though I’ve been on several sides of the fashion industry through the years, I never thought I’d end up owning a store—it just happened organically. I was a fit model for many years and that gave me the opportunity to mingle with buyers, designers, and merchandisers—basically, anyone and everyone behind the scenes of making clothing. After studying fashion merchandising in college and working as an assistant buyer, I eventually decided to branch out on my own. My husband, Adrien, was a graphic designer so we combined our skill sets and started out with a kiosk at Fashion Island before settling into our store location in Corona Del Mar.

Q: Take us on a style journey through West of Camden.

LL: All of our clothes exude an easy vibe with a dollop of edge. You can always expect to find a lot of art and music-themed prints on apparel in our store as well. No matter the season, we’re all about keeping it casual with a combination of beach and street vibes!

Q: Discuss some dos and don’ts for style this summer!

LL: Perhaps to the dismay of some of your readers, West of Camden is not largely based in the boho vibe that seems to be trending. We don’t subscribe to a ton of lace, bell bottoms, or flowers in your hair. Rather, a nice quality rock or artist-inspired tank, paired with shorts or boyfriend jeans and a great shift dress for evening dinners is definitely on our DO list.

Q: What are some of the latest and upcoming trends at West of Camden?

LL: We’re big fans of unique verbiage prints, screen prints and embroidery. We’ve been seeing a lot of smaller, pocket-sized embroidery bits popping up on some of our favorite brands. Many of our newer items have interesting surprises like screen prints on the inside, as opposed to outside, of clothing too.

Q: Tell us about summer sporty activewear found at West of Camden!

LL: Our favorite activewear pieces are created by good hYOUman. We’re on our third re-order of their muscle tees! They make great pieces that perfectly crossover from working out to lunch or brunch. Also, their items are so soft!

Native Knowledge: All of the West of Camden print designs on their t-shirts, hats, etc., are designed by West of Camden Co-Owner Adrien Lamoureux!

Native Knowledge: Wondering where the unique WoC name came from? While studying abroad in London, store Co-Owner Lindsey Lamoureux visited the Camden Market which is a large, vendor-packed establishment with an array of brands under one roof! Geographically being West (literally) of the Camden Market of London, West of Camden’s name was born!

West of Camden
3409 East Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

West of Camden – Pacific City
21028 Pacific Coast Highway Ste E120
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
West of Camden’s Summer Style has an Edgy Vibe