Credit: Visit Greater Palm Springs CVB
Credit: Visit Greater Palm Springs CVB

6 Off-the-Grid Activities in Indio and Coachella (to Do While Stoned)

From Date Shakes to Art Tours, Here’s How We’re Spending the Day in Indio After a Trip to Lighthouse Dispensary

Looking for a buzz that doesn’t involve booze? Market analysis shows that millennials and gen Z’ers tend to prefer weed over alcohol, and although it’s had a controversial reputation in the past, cannabis does have a multitude of perks. It has been known to alleviate stress, relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation and more. So why not spice up your typical outing with something herbaceous from Coachella’s Lighthouse Dispensary? Whether you’re out with your SO, a group of friends or simply treating yourself, here are six activities in Indio for you and Mary Jane to enjoy together. off-the-grid activities Indio

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1 | See a Show at The Rock Yard

Enjoy with: Keef Drinkable Edibles

off-the-grid activities Indio
Credits: Lighthouse Dispensary

Catch a show and get your groove on at The Rock Yard, a hoppin’ outdoor music venue at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. Pregame for the show with a Keef cannabis-infused soda (10mg THC) or go all-in with a Keef mocktail (100mg THC). Keef products use hybrid strains, so you can get the best of both worlds. It’ll be nothing but good vibes as you listen and dance along to your favorite tunes.

Local Insight: Lighthouse Dispensary offers discreet delivery and in-store browsing—perfect for every type of shopper!


2 | Embark on a Self-Guided Indio Art Tour 

Enjoy with: CRU Cannabis – Hybrid Pre-Roll (6)

From murals and sculptures to street-side traffic light makeovers, the city of Indio has no shortage of incredible art to enjoy, so why not take a self-guided art tour on your next day off? This tour will require a lot of biking or walking around, so you need your weed to keep up. CRU Cannabis’ hybrid pre-rolls can offer you some relaxation without sacrificing your activity levels, making them perfect for outdoorsy activities—just be sure to smoke responsibly if your tour is going to involve wheels! Plus, Lighthouse Dispensary VIPs can enjoy 15% off pre-rolls on Sundays.

off-the-grid activities Indio

3 | Get a Date Shake at Shields Date Garden

Enjoy with: Plus Strains Pineapple Express Gummies


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At Shields Date Garden, you can take a walk around the garden, sip on a classic date shake or step into the theater to catch “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date.” For this, enjoy the Plus Strains Pineapple Express Gummies (5mg THC each): the low dosage lets you build up to your desired buzz, making them the perfect pairing for everyday activities like shopping, winding down by the pool or touring a botanical garden.

Local Insight: Lighthouse Dispensary VIPs get 15% off edibles on Wednesdays!


4 | Chow Down at Tack Room Tavern

Enjoy with: Originals King Louie Prepacked Flower (⅛)

Credit: Chris Miller

Known for its menu of huge portions and hearty comfort foods like potato skins, burgers and baby back ribs, Tack Room Tavern will have you walking away with a full stomach and maybe even some leftovers. To best prepare, choose some pants with a stretchy waistband and hit some of Original’s King Louie (indica), which is best for increasing appetite so you can enjoy your time at Tack Room to the fullest. If you’re a Lighthouse Dispensary VIP, be sure to make your purchase on Flower Fridays for a 10% discount.

off-the-grid activities Indio

5 | Play Golf at Shadow Hills Golf Course

Enjoy with: Fuzed Vape Cartridges

Practice your swing at Shadow Hills Golf Course! Discreet and convenient, Fuzed vape products are great to have on hand for nearly any occasion, especially on the course. The disposable vapes come in different gram sizes and a range of tasty flavors like hybrid-forward strawberry and sativa-forward green apple. Prefer a different sport? If you’re playing a higher-energy (no pun intended) game like tennis or pickleball, we recommend leaning towards the sativa strains.

Local Insight: Shop Lighthouse Dispensary’s Thankful Thursdays sale for 10% off disposables and cartridges.



6 | Plan a Picnic at Miles Avenue Park

Enjoy with: Yummi Karma High Spirits Tincture

Credits: Lighthouse Dispensary

Is it just us, or is having a fun picnic the penultimate outdoor activity to do while stoned? Pack some of your favorite picnic foods, grab a few friends, find a spot at Miles Avenue Park, take a few drops of Yummi Karma High Spirits Tincture and enjoy. High Spirits is Yummi Karma’s lowest dosage with CBD and a touch of THC, allowing users to adjust their dosage as needed. Consider bringing yoga mats for some post-snacks yoga or some paint and some small canvases to create a picnic that’s nourishing for the mind, body and soul. Don’t forget to shop Lighthouse Dispensary’s VIP sale on Tuesdays for 15% off topicals and tinctures.

off-the-grid activities Indio

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Disclaimer: Cannabis is a controlled substance and should only be consumed under a physicians recommendation or by an adult that is 21 years of age or older. Keep all marijuana and marijuana products out the reach of children and animals. Particular cities and counties may have stricter laws about cannabis than the state and reference should be made to your city or county website to learn about the rules in your area. Restrictions apply as to where cannabis can be consumed. Having an open container of cannabis while driving or riding in a vehicle is illegal. Intoxicating effects of marijuana and marijuana products may be delayed up to two (2) hours. The use of marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding may be harmful. Consumption of marijuana and marijuana products impairs your ability to drive and operate machinery, please use extreme caution. Do not operate a motor vehicle if you suspect your reaction time is inhibited or reduced. Law enforcement officers can pull you over to conduct a sobriety test if they suspect you are operating a car, boat or other vehicle under the influence of cannabis. Consume responsibly. The suggestions in this article are not to imply that the activities should be undertaken by everyone. If you have any doubts whatsoever, a consultation with a physician should precede any participation in the activities referenced herein. Locale strongly condemns the abuse or misuse of cannabis for any purpose. Use extreme caution while undertaking these or any other activities while under the influence of cannabis. You assume the risk of any and all damage, loss or injury incurred as a result of your consumption of marijuana or marijuana products while undertaking the suggestions in this article.
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