Beers, Brats, and a Band to “Prost” For!

Written By: Alana Aronson Beer Savage Oktoberfest at The Wayfarer
Photographed By: Michael Cooper

On September 16th, in collaboration with Beer Savage, The Wayfarer hosted an Oktoberfest kickoff event that sent all in attendance into a beer-loving, “prost!” chanting frenzy. Beer Savage Oktoberfest at The Wayfarer

The historical and renovated space was the perfect location for such a monumental occasion. With an impressive tap and intentional buyer and beer aficionado behind the bar in Sean Stevenson, The Wayfarer has already set itself up as a go-to spot for local and visiting beer lovers alike. Ansambel Slovenski, the Slovenian band that Beer Savage brought in, helped to create an even more authentic Oktoberfest environment. Piano accordion, saxophone and up-tempo drums danced through the room and encouraged “Ziggy Zaggy, Ziggy Zaggy, Oi Oi Oi!” to be sung between the band’s sets, and between the clinking glasses of dancing festival goers. Beer Savage Oktoberfest at The Wayfarer

Beer Savage apparel—and lederhosen—were worn by many and was for sale during the event. Brad Walters is the Inner Savage artist who created the Oktoberfest collection, which was printed on baseball tees, steins and coasters. It shows a Beer Savage with full steins in each hand, alpine hat, and rolled up sleeves—the image of someone about to embark on a beer-fueled journey of a lifetime. Upon entering the $5 festivity, those in attendance could purchase their first beer in a Beer Savage stein for $12, which after the cost of the glass, granted buyers with a $2 beer—a deal definitely worth clinking glasses over. Beer Savage Oktoberfest at The Wayfarer

Owner of The Wayfarer, and culinary mastermind behind the night’s feast-ivities, is Jeffrey Chon. He shared his enthusiasm for the event, remarking, “Regardless of The Wayfarer, regardless of a promotion of the brand, it’s just rad. It’s a great event.” And it certainly was. Jeffrey cooked up chicken schnitzel and potato salad, german bratwurst, egg noodles and sauerkraut—dishes that brought the Oktoberfest group at The Wayfarer even closer to those soon to be celebrating in Germany. Beer Savage Oktoberfest at The Wayfarer

Beer Savage, the fire that fueled last night’s fest, is more a movement than a brand. While the founder, Tyler Bochenek, and Jonathan Crawford are integral parts to Beer Savage, they aren’t always quick to say so, opting to allow the movement to speak for itself prior to making their introductions. Tyler expressed that “It’s not just one person or a group of guys…[and] it’s not just a t-shirt; it’s an understanding of a culture.” Tyler likened Beer Savage to the Harley community, or car lovers; a community joined by one common denominator. That common denominator was shared throughout the evening, and highlighted with Southern California brewery Pizza Port’s Oompah Slap Dance IPA. When a group of firefighters walked in, a domino effect occurred: one by one a handful of patrons and partygoers rose their glasses to them, one shouting, “next one’s on me!” That demonstration of appreciation, community involvement and awareness is what Beer Savage aims to do with its gatherings, and what a memorable image to have witnessed at their first major event of the season. Beer Savage Oktoberfest at The Wayfarer

Looking around the bar, in the corners and crevices, and throughout the loud spaces, there was a movement happening. A unifying of people from different walks of life, with different interests and day jobs—all connecting with their love of a cold beer. The intention behind the big Oktoberfest kickoff event, Jonathan says, was to get communities more connected. “The big thing for us is to introduce the beer community to Beer Savage and Wayfarer’s take on Oktoberfest…we want to bring a great group of people together to celebrate beer history, ” he shared.

When last call came at 1:30 a.m., the halls in Munich opened. Beer Savages all over the globe were connected through the recurring common denominator in so many individuals’ lives, and the movement of community, art, culture and beer was reinforced that much more—Beer Savage is here, and it’s asking you to join them for a cold one.

Find Beer Savage apparel at The Wayfarer, Active Ride Shop, and Eagle & Pig Barbershop

Beer Savage

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Beer Savage Raises a Glass to Oktoberfest at The Wayfarer Costa Mesa

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