The Olympics Are Coming to LA! Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know

Let the Countdown Begin!

Written By: Gabriela Mungarro
Photograph Sourced From: Olympic Facebook Page Los Angeles Olympics 2028

The Olympics is an event so prestigious and well-respected that it can be traced back for decades. It is one of the only events in the world where the best athletes compete for world-wide recognition in a number of sports. From karate, to swimming and rugby, loyal fans have their eyes set on all participants, who proudly represent their country as they are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

For cities hosting the event, it is a chance to shine and show the hard work that’s put into bringing a spectacle such as this one to life, and in 2028, Los Angeles will get the opportunity host the Olympics for the third time! So what’s different this time around? Plenty!

 Los Angeles Olympics 2028

  1. LA Hosted the Olympics in 1984

The last time the City of Angels hosted the Olympics, Ronald Reagan was living in the White House as head of state, most of America was hooked watching “The Hoff” (David Hasselhoff) as Michael Knight on the famous TV show “Knight Rider,” and the world was introduced to the first CD player by Sony and Philips. What a time to be alive!

 Los Angeles Olympics 2028

  1. LA 2028 Will Bring Fresh Faces

With the Olympics being a decade away, it is still unknown who, and if some of today’s best athletes will attend the games. Will Michael Phelps still compete? Probably not, but we might catch a glimpse of swimmer Katie Ledecky, who will be 30-years-old by then. Most of the gymnasts who will steal the night away with their vault, floor and beam routines are currently in the first grade. However, we might see the James dynasty participate, as young LeBron James Jr. will surely be a 23-year-old basketball star in 2028.

  1. LA Also Hosted the 1932 Olympics

When LA was an unknown city near the glamorous, movie-making Hollywood, it didn’t take long to convince the committee to grant the bid to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, after the Depression hit during the 10-year road to the games, nations struggled to send their best athletes to the event, thus canceling sports due the lack of attendance. Despite the overall poverty, the Olympics in LA were a huge success, bringing in a $206,000 surplus, and brought LA recognition, as well as the construction of the famous Coliseum. In 2028, LA will be one of only a few cities to have hosted the Olympics three times.


  1. The Los Angeles Bid Backstory

Although the original city to host the 2024 Olympics was Boston, the city withdrew and Paris and LA quickly stepped in to place bids. During the intense rivalry between LA and Paris, the International Olympic Committee altered its rules and arranged a deal that awarded Paris 2024 and LA 2028. It is here when things took an interesting turn for LA council members and citizens, as the original $5.3 billion budget was to be revised and endorsed before the Aug. 18 deadline to ensure full responsibility in case the event went over budget.


  1. Why LA is Considered the Perfect Venue

Construction costs? Limited, since LA is well equipped in the arena department due to the last Olympics and the many athletic projects the city has built over the years. Yes, some might be in need of a few restorations, but hey, they’re there! Not to mention the tourists who will invade the city for the 16-day event. LA raised the bar in 2016 as the city hosted 47.3 million visitors without the Olympics, including domestic and international, breaking the record for the sixth time in a row. It’s only obvious the Olympics will only help raise these numbers, bringing in a larger cash flow.

So, we will have to hang tight, but until then, let the countdown begin!

Is it 2028 Yet? LA is Ready for the Olympics

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