One Look at These Leggings and You’ll Have a New Obsession

Keri Wilson’s Goldsheep Leggings Are Here to Make a Statement

Written By: Adriana Chavez
Photographed By: Maxx Buchanan Goldsheep Leggings

Leggings have become the most versatile piece in every closet. Having a lazy Sunday? Throw on your leggings to keep you comfy or dress them up for a night out. To take your legging game to the next level, Goldsheep’s stand-out leggings are here to help you make a statement.

Started by Keri Wilson, Goldsheep is not about taking the safe route; they know it’s better to stand out than to blend in. That’s why Goldsheep’s leggings are wearable art. Growing up in Orange County, creativity was always a part of Wilson. From spray-painting murals and sewing her friend’s clothes, the idea for Goldsheep was always there, but it truly came to life in New York.

“I used to walk to work every day in the city and see thousands of black [leggings] walking. I thought it looked so boring. I would also notice all the street art throughout the city. I started taking pictures of the street art and the idea came to me that it would be so awesome to have this art on my legs. I made my first prototype in my bedroom,” said Wilson.

Each legging is unique since they are handmade when they’re ordered. “Every print is a photograph or piece of art created in our shop in Costa Mesa. I think at this point it’s very easy to spot a Goldsheep print because it’s super bright and fun and is like pop art on legs,” said Wilson.

For Wilson, coming up with designs is a fun task and she sees art in the ordinary. “I honestly get my inspiration everywhere…it could be eating breakfast and I love the way the avocado looks. It’s kind of become an addiction because now all I see are leggings prints. I like to come up with themes to start and then I think about what people love and I put that on the pants.”

Not only do they want to dress everyone in fun prints, they also want to give back. One of their newest collections is inspired by Girl Scouts and proceeds go to benefit Troop 6000 in New York, which is made up of young girls in the New York shelter system.

Goldsheep is manufactured in Orange County, bringing it back to Wilson’s roots. Mainly available online, you can find leggings in 17 locations around California. Goldsheep expanded to include shirts and accessories so you can polish off your look. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop buying these soft, trendy leggings—nor will you want to.

Bachelor Party: Nothing completes a “Bachelor” night like a glass of wine, friends and a comfy pair of leggings. Throw on The Final Rose leggings from Goldsheep for your next “Bachelor” viewing party.

Talk of the Town: Goldsheep has been featured in various outlets including “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and “Good Morning America.”

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Goldsheep is Taking the Leggings Trend to the Next Level

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