You Have to Try the World’s Smallest, Smartest and Sexiest Camera

This Pocket-Sized Camera is Changing the Game

Written By: Ian Hays
Photography Provided By: Opkix

If you ask Opkix CEO and Co Founder C. Lawrence Greaves what “Opkix” is, he’ll tell you straight away, “It’s the world’s smallest, smartest and sexiest piece of camera equipment with a focus on the social media world.”

The Costa Mesa tech company is set to prove that they are small, but mighty. With a team of 16, they are leading the charge when it comes to revolutionary technology being developed in Orange County. And because they have OC in their blood, it’s not just about the latest social media trends, but fashion trends as well. The Opkix One camera is designed to not only be worn on your phone or baseball cap but mounted to a bike, a surfboard, mirror, an instrument and jewelry; you can even go the body camera route and use it as a wearable camera. Opkix is integration meeting imagination.

With the camera gear, you also have a ready-to-go video and picture editing app set to link and provide hashtag-fresh content for your favorite social media app. You’re able to immediately upload the video and pictures to the app to use things like body filters, facial recognition for emoji use and other editing features—you can also add in music from your library! The company is built around the growing demand for new ways of sharing content on Instagram, and other popular sites; and it’s all done with the push of a button.

The camera gear itself is actually two separate cameras. The shell is anodized aluminum with colors like rose gold, space grey and red. It’s waterproof, as Opkix knows some of the best adventures happen when you’re out in nature. The camera itself is the smallest high-definition out there. To start recording, simply tap the side of the camera twice. So, you can have one camera attached to your wetsuit and one facing back at you on your board and have no worries while you focus on catching waves. The cameras also have high-quality mics that record in stereo sound, which is perfect for concerts, festivals and other large gatherings.

Any way you look at it, Opkix is gearing up to boost the second wave of the social media revolution, one video at a time.

OC Love: Opkix was founded on the principle that Orange County is a hub for emerging and unique ideas. As Greaves says, “We’re all big fans of the town that we live in. It’s a part of the country that is not just beautiful, but is innovative in its marketplace.”

Native Knowledge: Opkix One, the smallest, most powerful smartphone-friendly camera, arrives this spring!

1008 Brioso Dr
Costa Mesa CA, 92627

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