North Park Rainbow OPTX is Here to Change How You See the World

Written By: Jordan Ligons
Photographed By: Adam Gentry
Styled By: Melissa Souza OPTX Sunglasses

San Diego, it’s time to check into color therapy. Local North Park biz Rainbow OPTX wants you to change your perspective to a more colorful one. Each stylishly colored lens aims for the seven chakra centers of your body. Throw on red-colored sunnies to feel more grounded or orange wayfarers to feel stable and balanced (hello, we all need this) and to feel a sense of harmony. Whichever color you choose, these mood-boosting shades will have you chasing rainbows.

I am Love: These aviators help you see the world through rose-colored lenses—literally. It’s supposed to uplift and awaken your mindset.

Power of Yellow: Put on these round lenses when you want to activate your power and will. All colors, including yellow, come in round, aviator, heart and wayfarer frames to match your style.

Wear Your Crown: Violet targets the crown chakra focusing on awareness. Correct those energy imbalances by rocking these glasses.

Relax: The blue Rainbow OPTX lenses elicit feelings of relaxation, calmness and assuredness. If this is what you need, also try colors aqua and green for similar vibes.

Native Knowledge: Purchase your order Monday through Saturday before 12 p.m. PT and your order will get shipped that same day!

Rainbow OPTX@rainbowoptx

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