Photography Provided By: Ariane Moshayedi
Photography Provided By: Ariane Moshayedi

This OC Spot Will Be Your New Favorite Place to Take Your Pup

From a Heated Swimming Pool to Chiropractic Care…Every Type of Dog Is Welcome!

There’s no denying that our furry friends are a huge part of our lives. They bring so much joy with their cuddles, wagging tails and the unconditional love they have for us. Whether you’re a recent puppy owner (quarantine pups are a real thing!) or have had your four-legged companion for quite some time, we’ve got just the spot to put on your radar. Animal Wellness Center of OC is a first-of-its-kind center, offering a range of holistic and integrative therapies for your dog. “Most of the dogs that arrive here have special needs, are geriatric, paralyzed or are in some stage of surgical recoveryrequiring loads of extra care and attention from us and their families. This is why our facility in Costa Mesa was built to nurture both you and your canine friend, with physical and emotional safety, ease of use and comfort as our primary goals,” says owner Lourdes Biancardi. Every dog—from paralyzed ones to energetic puppies—is welcome here. Now let’s dig into our favorite services Animal Wellness Center of OC offers and let you in on why it’s oh-so special.  Orange County Dog Therapy


1 | Heated Swimming Pool Orange County Dog Therapy

One of the highlights of the facility is a heated swimming pool. At 91 degrees, the pool offers aquatic conditioning for every type of dog. Swim lessons for your dog are a great low-impact exercise, and hydrotherapy is used for treating chronic conditions. The warm temperature allows dogs to feel comfortable and relaxed. So whether you have a puppy who needs to burn energy, an overweight dog in need of a little extra exercise or a dog with an underlying condition (like one who may be paralyzed or have an illness), your four-legged friend will be ready for a swim. 

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2 | Boutique-Like Space

Upon entering the Animal Wellness Center of OC, you’ll realize this is not a vet or a doggie daycare—it’s simply the place you always wished existed for your dog. It’s clean as can be with no dog hair around and no smell of dogs. Instead, there are bright murals created by Laguna Beach artist Deborah Carman (who also can create a custom portrait of your dog) and zen vibes all around. There are four spacious treatment rooms—most services are done on the floor, while wall-mounted treatment tables are used for smaller animals. The wellness center complements the traditional medicine your dog may receive while working with your vet to provide what’s absolutely best for your dog. Everything from acupuncture, chiropractic care, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, massage therapy and physical therapy is available. 


3 | Holistic Services  Orange County Dog Therapy

Let’s get into that a little more. These holistic services offer a natural approach to your dog’s or cat’s health and wellbeing. Instead of competing with your vet, they want to be an additional service for all of your animal’s needs. The center opts for drug-free approaches such as acupuncture, which relieves pain in dogs or cats with arthritis, and chiropractic care, which helps maintain joint health for improved mobility. Massage therapy increases blood circulation and improves strength through simple techniques. All of these treatments improve your pet’s overall health and quality of life.


4 | Room to Run  Orange County Dog Therapy

Apart from the inside area, the Animal Wellness Center of OC has an entire warehouse space in the back area. This is where the pool is located along with plenty of space for your dog to exercise. And that’s not all—outside these doors lies a secluded outdoor space for dogs to roam. 


5 | Created With Love

The center opened in August 2020 after owners Barb West and Lourdes Biancardi revamped the entire facility, reimagining everything from the landscaping to the interior. The duo is passionate about animals and giving them the care they truly deserve, which is why they funded this business themselves. The love they have for animals shows throughout the space and through the attention your dog will be given! 


Animal Wellness Center of OC 
449 W Bay St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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