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Making the choice to buy or sell your home has always been an important decision. Today, this pivotal process includes new pandemic-related challenges and opportunities. While it may feel difficult to figure out where to begin, Newport Beach realtor Brian Liberto understands the real estate landscape and has helped clients make informed buying and selling decisions during this time. These are Liberto’s five tips on what to consider before heading to the market.


1 | Prioritize Your Needs and Align on a Budget

It’s important to ensure that this new purchase or sale is sensible for your family’s finances and lifestyle. Liberto suggests asking yourself three questions: what is your budget, why do you want to buy or sell your home, and what is the most important thing to each of your family members? Once you discover what housing aspects are important to each family member, rank these must-haves together so you can make a unanimous decision.


2 | Stay Informed on the Market Conditions

On a general level, Liberto describes the current and upcoming 2021 market conditions as good due to “a lack of inventory, low rates, [the] election [being] decided and the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently hitting 30,000.” However, he points out that specific markets could have their own conditions that might not follow this favorable trend. Understanding your house’s location and partnering with a trusted realtor who specializes in the area will inform you on pertinent market conditions. 

Native Knowledge: According to Liberto, another benefit for buyers right now is that they could get record prices and “trade up their equity for a home because of the low interest rates.”


3 | Utilize the Power of Technology OC Real Estate Trends

Virtual showings and online, paperless transactions have become integral to the buying and selling process. “Buyers can now digitally see homes in 3D, which allows them to shorten the sales cycle, as homes are online and ‘on demand,’” Liberto shares. Additionally, new technology and artificial intelligence have created more accurate forecasting and have enabled buyers to visualize what a home could look like with renovations and design changes.


4 | Make Sure You’re Move-In Ready OC Real Estate Trends

Low interest rates motivate buyers to buy homes sooner rather than later. Buyers are keen to move into their new homes safely and without hassle during the pandemic. Especially in the luxury market like Newport Heights, “you are seeing record high prices for any home that is move-in ready,” says Liberto. Sellers should anticipate this high demand for move-in ready homes and buyers should prepare logistics for an upcoming move.


5 | Emphasize Key Housing Features

In a time where many people are working from home, Liberto has seen greater interest in luxury homes with great views as well as properties with more square footage. Make sure to show off key attributes that will wow buyers, and you can always turn to a real estate expert for advice on how to make your property stand out from the competition. “I consult with families and investors on building and adding value to their homes for a profit and equity positions that allow sellers to get a higher price,” says Liberto. 


About Brian Liberto OC Real Estate Trends

Brian Liberto is a Newport Beach native and Berkshire Hathaway realtor with over 15 years of experience in real estate finance, representation and development. He has built over $145 million of new construction and sold over $150 million of luxury real estate across Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Newport Heights and the Balboa Peninsula. Specializing in the Newport Beach luxury marketplace, Liberto is an expert in Newport Heights and has broken the sales record there five times, including three sales for properties on Kings Rd. Liberto and his team offer services like development, marketing, design, research and strategic sales to help clients make informed decisions at every stage of the buying and selling process.


Brian Liberto
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