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Start your fabulous year of 2015 with a complete mind and body juice cleanse! Isn’t it always our goal to start off the new year right? But how many times have we set unrealistic goals only to face disappointment? Fortunately, this year we have access to a tasty, easy and affordable lifestyle change that will put your past resolutions to shame. Head to your nearest cold-press juicing station to grab a delightful combination of nutrients, perfectly packaged into a single bottle. Juicing has been popular in other countries (such as Brazil and Costa Rica) for ages, but has only recently become widely known in the US, specifically…California!

Californians are notorious for adopting active lifestyles and healthy eating habits, so it should come as no surprise that we have caught on to the pure and simple trend of juicing. Cold pressed juices can be enjoyed by way of meal supplement, meal replacement, or as a cleanse. Cleansing is the most intense form of juicing as it requires a fast from solid foods for days or weeks on end. This may sound a little treacherous to you, but once you experience the satisfying tastes and detoxifying results, you may just be hooked! The idea of cleansing or fasting goes back to the earliest days of man and has been linked to religious purification practices for health and centering.

Recently, we have taken a more nuanced and secular approach to this practice while maintaining the benefits. Whether you are going all out for a cleanse or simply looking for a breakfast alternative, read more about some of Locale’s favorite juicing stations.



2937 Bristol St | Costa Mesa, CA 92626 949.954.6522 www.ritualwellness.com

USDA certified organic, non-GMO verified cold-pressed juicing company, Ritual Wellness, can be referred to as the authority when it comes to nutritional value and expert knowledge. Co-founder Marra St.Clair tells us how she and business partner Lori Kenyon Farley used Marra’s personal training background and Lori’s financial background, as well as both their education in nutrition to create this health- minded business. The company started in March 2010 as an online presence for order and delivery, and has transformed into four beautiful, hand-picked locations. Stop by Ritual JuiceBox, the flagship store at The Camp in Costa Mesa, and take a step out of the real world. Ritual Wellness’ wooden cabanas serve as the perfect cozy escape to enjoy your juice, whatever the season! When you make a purchase from Ritual Wellness, you can rest assured that every detail of your drink has been carefully created. Marra and Lori’s process for developing a new menu item differs from other companies in that the ingredients come second! Together, Marra and Lori start to create a juice by assessing what nutritional benefits they would like it to contain. Once that is decided, they target the ingredients that will provide those benefits and create a palatable recipe through trial and error. The recipe is then sent to a specialist who determines the precise nutritional value and approves what we see on the menu. Marra suggests that customers set the tone of their day with a juice to see an increase in energy levels and a decrease in unhealthy cravings. She says that you do not have to eliminate your coffee fix, simply enjoy it after your juice.

FEATURED JUICE: Try a variation of the classic green drink and order a SPICY GREENS juice with the surprising ingredient of turmeric! Marra tells us that this juice provides all-over body balance through its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its benefits to our digestive system.

NATIVE KNOWLEDGE: If you plan on throwing some parties to kick off the new year, then you need to check out Ritual Wellness’ drink mixers. Do away with the guilt and indulge in a healthy cocktail. Just add alcohol to the 100 percent organic Sol Margarita, Calcutta Lemon Drop, or Rio Mojito!



3313 Hyland Av, Ste A17 | Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | 714.873.7479 www.shoptheocmix.com/store/birdie-bowl-and-juicery

Located in the OC Mix at SOCO in Costa Mesa is the charming juicery known as Birdie Bowl & Juicery. Jee Shin, founder and previous owner of Milk + Honey Cafe, continues to thrive as an ambitious, young entrepreneur! This dynamite woman strives to provide a healthy alternative to the snacks, drinks and pick-me-ups that are already out there. Her cold pressed juices are all prepared on site and fresh for your order. Aside from juices, you can also order acai bowls, pitaya bowls, and “nut mylks” (not to be confused with real milk). Birdie Bowl is adorably inviting and perfect for a quick stop or a relaxing stay-a-while. Jee has a unique personal touch that is evident in her decorative designs and quality products.

FEATURED JUICE: Need some greens in your diet? Order a GREEN CLASSIC from Birdie Bowl to boost your immune system and start your day right! Jee says that this is her most popular drink, which makes sense because green is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear juicing. Make this drink your easy veggie alternative and put away the pots and pans!

NATIVE KNOWLEDGE: Need a new date destination? Take your loved one to Birdie Bowl for The Date Shake, which contain almonds, coconuts and bananas for a sweet treat and healthy dessert alternative.



474 E 17th St, #100 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 800.385.1650 www.nekterjuicebar.com

Down-to-earth and ambitious couple, Steve and Alexis Schulze,  have succeeded in bringing their love of healthy living to the masses. It was an amazing experience getting to chat with Alexis herself at the flagship store in Costa Mesa and hear how the company came to be. Alexis explained that she was attending yoga classes and grabbing a juice afterwards to take her health choices full-circle. She found herself bringing her purchased juices home and adding ingredients to create a more enjoyable flavor. What started as personal preference has turned into a mission to add juice to the everyday lifestyles of others. The company stands on wholesome values and strives to remain at a lower price-point than its competitors, without compromising quality. There are no secrets in what you order here! When you ask for a small drink, they will make it in the next size up to account for ice and make sure you are receiving what you paid for. Alexis loves getting to see everyone enjoying her juices whether they are in a rush to get to work, exhausted after the gym, on a break from school or recovering from a rough weekend. Visit Nekter Juice Bar for a friendly and upbeat environment with the freshest flavors that are chilled to perfection!

FEATURED JUICE: The SUBLIME JUICE AND GINGER SHOT pairing are sure to wake up your senses and give your body the perfect reset to start off the new year! This tasty juice is packed with vitamins that will combat winter colds. The ginger and lemon shot adds to the healing benefits by clearing out your sinuses and soothing your sore throat. No need for a prescription this year, simply make a habit of rewarding your body with the medicinal properties found in this cold pressed juice!

NATIVE KNOWLEDGE: Follow Nekter on Instagram (@nekterjuicebar) for “instacoupons, ” off the menu items and staff favorites!



3000 Newport Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92663 949.873.8344 www.porrovita.com

If you are taking a warm winter stroll on the beaches of Newport or heading down the peninsula to take photos at The Wedge, make sure to pull over and treat yourself at PorroVita. Do you have guests in town? Bring them along! The more the merrier at this chill vibe treasure that welcomes the Newport Beach community. Owner Chase Bray has created a relaxed and homey interior complete with a family-style walnut wood table and walls filled with local art. He made the decision to establish this healthy retreat after attending the Optima Health Institute for an intensive juice cleanse. Chase met individuals with chronic diseases who decided to take a natural approach to healing and have now reversed their symptoms! He chose the name PorroVita drawing from latin roots to mean “pure life.” Chase has succeeded in creating a menu of juices as well as an environment that lives up to its name.

FEATURED JUICE: THE GREEN E-LEMONATOR takes your typical green drink to a whole new level! The juice is packed with an unthinkable amount of nutrients that gives your body a boost and acts as the perfect meal replacer. This drink helps in lowering blood pressure, hydration, digestive cleansing, a stronger immune system and curbing your appetite.

NATIVE KNOWLEDGE: Every three months, PorroVita brings the community together for an art show in their beachside shop. The show introduces the artist whom they will feature for those three months and provides a fun get together for their Newport neighbors!



949.287.3097 www.wayoflifejuice.com

Personal training, MMA fighting and wellness coach training, Andy Morales has created Way of Life Juice to inspire a desire for healthy living. Andy explained that as a wellness coach, he was too often telling people what not to eat instead of being able to provide them with a great tasting and nutritious alternative. Once he began introducing his clients to cold pressed juice, he saw an immediate change in their interest and motivation to lead healthier lives. Currently, Way of Life Juice is set up in a milkman style platform to be subscribed to for reoccurring deliveries straight to your home. Andy loves to read articles on www.nutritionfacts.org to get ideas for what health benefits people are looking for in their diets, and he incorporates that into his drinks.

FEATURED JUICE: THE HULK is Way of Life’s ultimate re- hydrator for your inner athlete. This drink will detoxify your liver and supplement all of your hard work at the gym!

NATIVE KNOWLEDGE: With Andy’s background in MMA fighting and personal training, he has targeted more of the athletic market than other juice companies. He currently sponsors several MMA fighters and hopes to sell his products to active lifestyle companies such as RVCA and Fox Racing. Keep an eye out for the Way of Life Juice name. You may start to see it represented on some jerseys!



1116 Irvine Ave | Newport Beach, CA 92660 949.650.0661 www.pressedjuicery.com

With numerous locations already established in California, Pressed Juicery has finally made its way to Orange County; its first location popping up in Westcliff Plaza in Newport Beach. We showed up on their opening day, and by the buzz of customers filtering in and out of the small shop, it was apparent that this juicery is one to love. The staff, friendly and helpful, are also passionate about the products, providing samples, tips and plenty of knowledge to aid you in successfully enjoying their cold-pressed juices. The creators of the company are passionate about providing premium, nutritious ingredients that are accessible to everyone while keeping it local, fresh and undeniably delicious. Try their one, three or five-day cleanses to feel and look your best post holidays and jumpstart a healthier you in the new year.

FEATURED JUICE: GREENS 3 is jam-packed with a plethora of nutritious ingredients. If you’re craving a little kick in your juice, this one’s for you. A variety of leafy greens, a zesty taste of ginger and the sweet taste of apple make this a well-rounded gulp of goodness.

NATIVE KNOWLEDGE: Want a fresh take on a typical dessert? Try the treats from Pressed Juicery’s “Freeze” machine, featuring the consistency of frozen yogurt but made with the juices found in the shop. Gluten free, vegan and no sugar-added, this treat comes with no guilt, so order up!

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Maria received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hope International University in Orange County. Now residing in her lovely hometown of San Diego, Maria craves local adventures with the intention of observing new people and places. You will often find her at a quaint coffee shop where she is lost in a novel, sipping an espresso, or having a heartfelt conversation with a stranger.


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