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Orange County’s Rockabye Mommy Will Make Your Baby’s Room Chic

Check out This Stylish Home Decor for Your Child’s Bedroom

Written By: Ashley Ruiz
Photographed By: Mathew Martinez  Rockabye Mommy

With over 10 years of interior design experience under her belt, Stephanie Avila is a master at her craft. So when her classmate approached her with the idea of starting a business specializing in nursery design in 2012, she jumped on the opportunity. Five years later, the co-founder and owner of Rockabye Mommy, continues to sweep in and lull expectant mothers’ nursery design worries to sleep, approaching projects with a style that is completely her own by focusing her nursery and playroom designs on adults, rather than children. She shops at the same places she would for her own house, a master bedroom, or even, a living room.

“Nothing is juvenile-specific; it’s all going to be more sophisticated. It’s going to have a timeless feel; it’s going to allow the furniture to grow with the child and the room,” Stephanie said. “Really for me, it’s functionality, it’s safety and then it’s design.”

Her elegant layouts combine high fashion with functionality in a whimsical world where posh meets practical as she focuses on pieces that can be moved from one room to another, without having to spend extra money and buy more.

She banishes the thought of changing tables—unless it’s something the clients already purchased—and offers up a different perspective. Why not try a nice, full-size dresser and add a changing table topper to it? That way, when diapers become a thing of the past, the dresser won’t have to.

Another factor that sets Rockabye Mommy apart is Stephanie’s ability to customize each project by getting to know the clients. For her, personalization is key, because homes reflect the families that live in them. So, when a client shared a prayer that her son made up and said every night, Stephanie turned it into a timeless keepsake. She printed out the mantra in different fonts and presented it to the client, who was thrilled.

“I like taking the stress off of a mom of having to find these pieces and come up with a design because it comes easy to me and it’s fun for me to come up with something new every time. I really have a good time doing it,” Stephanie said. “Each client is unique. Unique in what they can do, unique in their needs, and unique in what they think they want for the space.”

She immerses herself in clients’ likes, dislikes, and inspiration while contributing her own suggestions. Her goal for every project is for it to be different. So, don’t worry if Stephanie can’t provide the custom children’s book chandelier or red telephone booth found in one of her playrooms, she’ll find something just as unique for you.

Not Your Grandma’s Wallpaper: Stephanie’s advice if you’re looking to change the look and feel of a room quickly: wallpaper! “There are so many different patterns that are modern and really cool… It’s definitely something that can be a showstopper in a space,” she says.

Up for the Challenge: Stephanie has yet to work on her most difficult design project of all, her own nursery!

“For anyone in what they do, usually doing for themselves is harder. You can design for anyone else, photograph for anyone else. A lot of times doing it for yourself … is so much tougher!” she says.

Native Knowledge: Stephanie designed two larger-than-life nurseries for members of a well-known boyband. #YoullWantItThatWay

Rockabye Mommy


Rockabye Mommy Has You Covered to Design Your Child’s Bedroom

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