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Written By: Lindsay DeLong

Mix the newly improved Long Beach bike path that weaves throughout white sand with the multitude of green community parks which play host to plenty of popular events. Then throw in a dash of the LBC’s downright perfect weather and sometimes a typical gym session can be overlooked for some Vitamin D-induced playtime. Ride a bike to the Queen Mary, paddleboard to Schooner or Later, or sprint the steps along the Bluffs … these activities are all easily and readily available (and awesome) but still, there’s something irreplaceable about belonging to a gym family. Having trainers and other athletes around to motivate and push you further, working out on machines that tone and stretch that particular sore muscle, attending a class that will teach you to spin faster, salsa sexier or lift stronger. A gym should be more than just a place to exercise, a gym should be a lifestyle.

The following is a list of the best gyms in Long Beach that are not your ordinary facilities. These gyms go above and beyond and are the ones you can incorporate into your busy life. They are the ones that will give a swim to the pier a run for its money — or its gym membership.

Purple Yoga
6535 East Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90803
562.596.5700 |

Where locals go to get their yogi on. A convenient location in downtown Long Beach with over 50 classes per week, featuring state-of-the-art facilities, locker rooms, and — particularly important in downtown living — free parking. Plenty of various forums are offered to get your yoga fix, ranging from retreats (with both domestic and international destinations), to workshops concentrating on handstands, to classes specializing in training for yoga instructors … and, for those that have kids mimicking your every move at home, start the rascals out early in a Kids Yoga Workshop. Classes are open to all levels and are differentiated by colors. Blue is set in a comfortable 78-degree environment and focuses on building a core foundation, while Red (balancing) and Green (stretching and strengthening) are set at 100 degrees and designed to make you sweat! Classes geared towards meditation (Yoga Nidra) and rejuvenation (Restorative) are also available. Purple Yoga additionally has locations in Fullerton and Tustin. A single session costs $17, with monthly fees ranging between $109 (if you sign up for online auto pay) and $159. Try the intro package for just $20 for two weeks if you buy from their website. Start stretching now!

Photo Credit: Purple Yoga/ Facebook

CrossFit Intersect
242 East 3rd Street
Long Beach, CA 90802
562.485.7306 |

Click on the website and you’re greeted with the words “WORK HARD TO PARTY HARD.” This is CrossFit to a tee. CrossFit has been taking over, and it’s time to start anew with those Double Under’s and Muscle Up’s. The 5, 500 square foot space, or “box” as true “fitters” call it, is located next to Downtown’s Promenade. The clubs design features brick, wood and high ceilings. A tight knit group, classes are limited to a set number of persons (and sometimes fill up fast), so coaches can individually push and guide members to the best of their abilities. Sessions start as early as 5:30 a.m. and go throughout the day ending with a 7 p.m. class most weeknights. After a particularly hard work out however, it is time for the party, and why not attend one of Intersect’s signature post-workout dance parties where the club-worthy sound system is sure to get you out of your sweat induced coma and dancing. Or if you’re utterly just too beat for that, rest up and participate in a CrossFit competition or regain some of those long lost calories at a sponsored BBQ. Athletes who work hard together bond together, and they know there’s plenty of ways to make that happen. Monthly rates range from $129 a month (twice a week) to $189 a month (unlimited). Drop in rates are $20 a class, or you can bite the big one and trap yourself into healthiness and buy a year membership for $1500. Your body will thank you.

Metroflex Gym
3200 East 59th Street
Long Beach, CA 90805
562.531.7040 |

Branded a “Hardcore training facility” this is not your mother’s gym, this gym is for competitive athletes serious about training. named it one of their highlighted “Gyms of the Month, ” with pro bodybuilders serving as trainers. Featuring “unique and unordinary” equipment that corporate gyms don’t carry, this 14, 000 square foot building has something to make even the strongest muscles stronger, and the most bulging muscles bulgy-er. Located past the Long Beach airport in Lakewood, the gym is open early (5 a.m.) and closes late (10 p.m. most days). Prepare to be motivated just by walking through the door. $50 a month, or $360 a year and you’ll officially be stronger than everyone you know.

Photo Credit: Metroflex Gym/ Facebook

Belmont Athletic Club
4918 East 2nd Street
Long Beach, CA 90803
562.438.1176 |

A staple on the famed 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, the BAC as locals call it has been around since 1980 and still features many of it’s original art deco architectural elements. 25, 000 square feet and boasting three different levels its a full-service club that features personal training, racquetball, a wellness spa and locker rooms with a steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi. It’s also connected to good ol’ Murphy’s (for those who like to follow their workouts with a cold one) and offers great views of the racquetball courts. Classes range from Spinning to Outdoor Tabata (on the beach!) to Barre and Vinyasa Yoga. Sometimes you’ll be in a jam-packed Zumba! class and sometimes you’ll be rolling on a foam roller getting personalized attention with just one other guy at the Rock and Roll Foam Roller class. This community club really has something for everyone. Monthly memberships range from $60-80 a month with student, family and military discounts available.


Recreation Fitness
976 North Loma Vista Drive
Long Beach, CA 90813
562.243.2221 |

Yoga and Surf Class? Group workouts in the park? Nutrition consultations? The trainers here use the best resources we have as Californians to get their customers fit: parks, the ocean, and just generally, anything outside. A variety of classes are offered that will get you moving while you enjoy the perfect weather that is SoCal. Monthly rates range from $75 (4 classes) to $259 (unlimited), and classes take place throughout Long Beach in Signal Hill, Stearns Park and Whaley Park. Coaches try to make working out fun because they know that’s what makes people want to keep coming back. They even host “Boogie Nights” night that takes place at Alex’s Bar on certain weekends, which pretty much is just dancing at a bar on a weekend, but it’s sponsored by your favorite workout center, so why not? Maybe you’ll hydrate just this once with a Gin & Tonic.

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