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Let the Vegan Vacation Begin

Palm Springs is known for their old-school Hollywood glamor, beautiful terrain, and as the perfect place to escape reality for a while. With plenty of amazing restaurants and bars in the area, you can find yourself dining out more than usual and sometimes straying away from a healthy lifestyle. Fear not though travelers, there are plenty of delicious, plant-based vegan options in the area that are not only tasty, but will also have you feeling amazing. Check out some of our favorite spots in Palm Springs to enjoy if you follow a vegan diet or are looking to discover the greatness of veganism.

Nature’s Health Food & Café
555 South Sunrise Way
Palm Springs, CA 92264
760.323.9487 |

Nature’s Health Food & Café is the perfect place to find some great Vegan and Vegetarian food with a huge variety of items from which to choose. Their menu features over 100 different dishes, all unique and very delicious. They don’t use any real meat, so even the “burgers” are plant based and completely organic. They also sell organic, fresh-pressed juices and espresso drinks to rejuvenate you in the morning and kick off your day the right way. The other great thing about this spot is that not only is it a café, but it’s a grocery store as well. You can shop around and find all different kinds of health food and products while you wait for your meal. You’ll be stocked up for the rest of your trip or will fill your home’s fridge with items that your taste buds and body will love.

Nature’s Health Food & Café


Native Foods Café
Smoke Tree Village Shopping Center
1775 E Palm Canyon Drive #135
Palm Springs, CA 92264
760.416.0070 |

Native Foods Café was actually started in 1994 in none other than beautiful Palm Springs and has since grown to include locations that span across the country. This cafe’s menu is 100% plant based vegan and all made from scratch with health in mind and fresh ingredients in every dish. This is THE perfect spot to check out if you love vegan food or are new to the scene. Trust us, after experiencing their amazing Twister wrap filled with buffalo chicken or their lemony Greek Euro Bowl, you’ll be seeing vegan food in a whole new light.

native foods


Thai Smile
100 S Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
760.320.5503 |

When you’re looking for healthy vegan food in any area that you might be staying at or residing in, Thai food is always a good bet to take. Several dishes in Thai cuisine are already vegan and made with a variety of vegetables, tofu, and mock meat options. At Thai Smile, you will experience some of the best noodle dishes, curries, and other amazing dishes on their vibrant menu. Fortunately, they serve tofu, which gives the diner many opportunities to substitute tofu for meat and enjoy several of the options on the menu that would otherwise not be vegetarian. Treat yourself to some Pad Thai by simply skipping the egg and letting them know that you would like everything cooked in peanut or vegetable oil.

thai smile

Palm Greens Café
611 S Palm Canyon Drive # 6
Palm Springs, CA 92264
760.864.9900 |

Palm Greens Café is the perfect place to visit when you’re looking to dine somewhere that is healthy, fresh, organic, and free from any additives that are not needed or wanted in your meal. Owners Greg and Jeff started this little hot spot with a simple vision; to serve people food that was nutritious, made with quality ingredients sourced from local, sustainable resources and, of course, delicious. Their dream grew into a reality that locals and visitors alike cannot get enough of, and you’ll be sure to see why after dining there and getting a taste. There are more than a few vegan options available, so the next time you’re in the area and would love a healthy meal, look no further than Palms Green Café.

Photo Sourced From: Palm Greens Cafe Facebook

Photo Sourced From: Palm Greens Cafe Facebook

Over the Rainbow Cupcakes and Desserts

Smoke Tree Village Shopping Center
1775 E Palm Canyon Drive #150
Palm Springs, CA 92264
760.322.2253 |

Whether you are on vacation in Palm Springs or are lucky enough to call this lovely place home, chances are you’re going to need to feed that sweet tooth once in a while. We’ve got just the place for you to do that and diminish some of that guilt that comes along with these kinds of splurges. Over the Rainbow Cupcakes and Desserts offer some of the best kind of treats in the area. Although anything from this spot is going to blow your mind, it doesn’t necessarily have to blow your diet. They offer a wide variety of vegan desserts that will have you wondering why you don’t always just eat healthy desserts and save yourself some calories.

Native Knowledge: Their flavor combinations are always changing, but if you stop there on a day when they’re serving their Vegan Funfetti cupcakes, make sure that’s one of the desserts that you choose.

Photo Sourced From: Over the Rainbow Cupcakes & Desserts Facebook

Photo Sourced From: Over the Rainbow Cupcakes & Desserts Facebook

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