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Dinner is served Restaurants in Bali 

Written By: Erik Hale

La Favela

This eclectic restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating options, but any seat in the house will be fantastic. Traipse down a darkened outdoor corridor across a bridge before being transported into a restaurant meets a 1950s version of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” They have nearly over-decorated this massive space with hidden gems everywhere. There are walled off rooms fully decorated with antique clocks, speakers and furniture. The staff dresses in skinny ties and Chucks. You will love this spot.

The Bistrot

This two-story glass building is illuminated by soft lighting, drawing you in from the street to this chic eatery in Seminyak. It would probably be more at home on a side street in Brooklyn. This eatery is slightly more upscale than some of the others on this list, but as with most places, you can still get away with Chucks or “slippahs.” Sit upstairs if you can, and order sangria. It comes in a bowl large enough for three normal people (or me).


The first of two locations in Bali, this place will feel a little like Southern California if you have had too many fried rice dishes. Beautifully decorated, great crab meat quesadillas, strong Mamacita margaritas and live music. Most days, you can find the Aussie owner and probably talk him into taking shots with you.



This is a must visit, offering creative food that is an awesome alternative to the tons of fried noodles you have been eating. You might want to try this for lunch as it is expensive compared to everything else you will eat. LA prices for LA food.

Edogin at The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas

Edogin was an amazing experience. The staff dressed in beautiful yukata robes, and the walls were lined with cherry blossom trees. Walk in to a grandiose display of sushi, sashimi and oysters. The teppanyaki buffet offered something to satisfy every taste. Stop by the ice cream table before you leave. 


Ku De Ta

Get here in the late afternoon to get a seat. This is a great place to see the sunset. Sit back in one of the red lounge chairs facing the ocean, and vibe to mellow house music over the speakers while sipping on the giant Love Potion #9 shared cocktail and watching the sun dip into the Indian Ocean.

Made’s Warung

Go to Made’s when you first arrive. You will get to try all of the foods that are local to Bali without spending a fortune. This is a great introduction to Balinese culture, and you may even catch a Ramayana floor show. You will also most likely be surrounded by more professional surfers than tourists.


Enter this candlelit garden with hours to spare. This upscale meal in the Ubud countryside will be one of the best meals you have on vacation. Choose from one of two six-course tasting menus—such a treat.

Motel Mexicola

Come here to party. There are bright colors, vivid tiles, and shrines everywhere. The food is good, and the atmosphere is great. Stay late and make your villa manager wonder why you came home partying at 3am.

Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa

Arrive early and take the cable car down the cliff to this gorgeous sea side bar and restaurant. It is perched high above the crashing surf, and delivers the best sunset views on the island. Lather on plenty of sunscreen, order a Rock My World, and use your AmEx the way it was meant to be.