Our Trip to Coachella’s Lighthouse Dispensary Shines a Light on the Benefits of CBD Products

This Trendy Cannabis Boutique in Coachella Offers CBD Gummies and CBD Oils for Pain Relief

Written By: Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti
Photographed By: Dylan White CBD Guide

My foot was on fire. As I pointed my toe, searing sharp pain spread throughout my entire foot. No matter how much liniment I used, the persistent foot pain often woke me up at night. I decided to try something new: the Nano BioDerm Neuropathy Pain Relief Cream. As soon as I rubbed the THC cream on my foot, the burning sharp pain disappeared! My short internet search led me to find more about the magical THC cream at The Lighthouse Dispensary; there are so many reasons why you should visit this Coachella cannabis dispensary. Jennifer Montgomery, the General Manager at The Lighthouse Dispensary, says, “CBD changes lives for the better. You won’t find a more compassionate staff that is eager to satisfy the health needs of each guest.”

CBD Guide

CBD Field Trip | School of Lighthouse

For a first-time user, the focus on education is invaluable. Lighthouse offers educational outreach lectures at event and senior centers called “Field Trips.” Participants are bussed to the facility for lunch and informed about the health benefits of CBD and THC products.

CBD Guide

Eat the Pain Away | CBD Edibles for Chronic Pain

The Lighthouse Dispensary offers a wide range of edible options for pain relief. Edibles can provide relief in 40-50 minutes which can extend seven to eight hours. The staff diligently works with clients to develop a treatment plan that offers fast, long-lasting relief.

Coachella CBD Guide

Elixir of Life Without Pain

A few drops of Lighthouse’s Elixir Tincture under the tongue offers pain relief in 15 minutes and lasts up to four hours.

CBD to the Rescue | 86 CBD Options

The Lighthouse Dispensary has a large and diverse product line. Currently, they carry 86 strains of bud in addition to oils, capsules, pills, creams, edibles, drinks, vape pens and tinctures.

Join the Cannabis Club

There are a variety of benefits to becoming a member at The Lighthouse Dispensary’s Cannabis Club. Every day of the week, members can take up to 10-15 percent off the product of the day.

Safety First

“We always err on the side of safety,” explains Montgomery. “All purchases are placed in a child-resistant pouch before leaving the store.”

With Love and Compassion

The Lighthouse staff is very compassionate. Every staff member has a story to tell about how CBD has helped them or someone they love. The stories range from a father’s relief from arthritis pain to the elimination of tremors for a grandma with Parkinson’s.

In Good Hands

You’re in good (and legal) hands at The Lighthouse Dispensary. They’re equipped with state-of-the-art security, and a security officer patrols the facility at all times. Every effort is made to remain in compliance with the law.

The Best Cannabis Consultants

Montgomery is proud of her staff. “You won’t find any stoned bud-tenders here,” she says. “Our cannabis consultants focus on customer service. They know what questions to ask for the best client experience.”

CBD Health Consultation

When sitting down for your consultation, expect to be asked what the source of your pain is. Where are you in your cannabis use? Are you a first-timer or an experienced user? Have you ever consumed an edible?

CBD With Purpose

The staff is ready and eager to satisfy the needs of all guests. Utmost on their minds is, has the client come for pain management or recreational purposes? The Lighthouse Dispensary wants their guests to know that CBD is a safe, healthy option for pain management.

Welcome Home

A visit to The Lighthouse Dispensary will dispel any negative, preconceived notions about cannabis clinics. The inside is clean, tidy and brightly lit. You’ll immediately feel welcomed!


A luxury, cannabis-friendly hotel resort is currently under construction next to The Lighthouse Dispensary’s property. The 35-acre resort will consist of 250 guest rooms and shared common areas that include a 10,000 square foot chilled saltwater pool.

The Lighthouse Dispensary | Coachella Valley
84160 Ave 48
Coachella, CA 92236

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