The Newbie’s Guide to Packing for Your First Outdoor Festival

Don’t Show up Without These Tips in Mind

Written By: Swara Segal Packing Tips Outdoor Festivals

Coachella, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch. You’ve heard all these amazing names, ogled at the tantalizing pictures for hours, and now it’s finally time to attend your very first outdoor music festival! Can’t get any more exciting, can it? But while you’re overwhelmed just by the thought of being there to witness all the magic, don’t forget to prepare for what’s to come! Start early with these useful packing tips for music fest first-timers.

Pick Your Bags Wisely

-First things first: before you start packing, make sure you pick the right bags for the festival. Remember that you’re not heading to a luxury hotel with a bellhop to take care of your luggage, so don’t choose a bag you can’t handle by yourself.

-Campgrounds are no place for suitcases with wheels; opt for a lightweight duffel bag instead—and make that waterproof!

-You’ll also want to have a small backpack with you to hold essentials. A sling bag or fanny pack works fine too! Again, you’ll be better off with a waterproof one.

Pack for the Weather

-Check the weather forecast a few days before your trip so you know what to expect. Better yet, check out how rough it got during the previous festivals around the same time of the year. Don’t leave anything to chance—you don’t want to ruin your fun!

-What if it rains? Imagine yourself stuck in one spot trying to get your shoe out of the mud. Don’t be that person! Take a pair of wellies along and you won’t have a thing to worry about. If you don’t want to deal with carrying along an extra pair of shoes, take some plastic bags/wrap and duct tape with you. Wrap them around your feet and legs for makeshift wellies!

-It can get swelteringly hot, so stick to wearing lightweight and quick-drying fabrics. Have all your sun gear in place—cool sunglasses, a comfy hat, scarves and bandanas.

-You’ll be happier walking around the site with minimal stuff to carry and take care of. Some music festivals offer lockers for rent on the grounds.

The Essentials

Favor functionality over flair! You don’t want to be lugging around stuff you can’t afford to break or lose. It’ll be an unnecessary burden. You’ll be happier walking around the site with minimal stuff to carry and take care of. Some music festivals offer lockers for rent on the grounds. If you’re not as privileged, leave the expensive stuff at home. If you want to show off your rings, bracelets and other jewelry pieces, be sure to keep them on you at all times- in your backpack or fanny pack when not being worn.

-Tissues, wet wipes, napkins
-Reusable water bottle
-Dry shampoo
-Sunscreen, bug spray
-Portable charger

Do take along a Frisbee, hula hoops, a deck of cards or whatever you and your friends fancy! Also pack a mini first-aid kit to take care of minor cuts and scrapes. Don’t forget your festival tickets or wristband and ID proof!

An outdoor music fest is no fun if you don’t go prepared to have fun! So set aside your inhibitions and begin preparing for the time of your life!


Swara Segal is a freelance writer and a blogger by profession. She ardently follows the travel & fashion industry and enjoys doling out tips on the latest trends. She loves collecting rings, earrings, scarves and other accessories from different parts of the world. Also, she has an excellent understanding of various fashion jewelry designs and patterns. You can follow her on Twitter @SwaraSegal.
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