Photo By: Bianca Simonian
Photo By: Bianca Simonian

9 Insta-Worthy Dishes in Greater Palm Springs

Phones Out! These Dishes Are as ‘Grammable as It Gets!

Greater Palm Springs is a culinary cornerstone for both high-end eats and classic mealtime staples that look just as good as they taste. Whether it be seafood, savory entrees or sweet breakfast delights, the urge to take out your phone and snap a photo will manifest the moment your plate reaches the table. No filter will be needed either; let the presentation of the dish shine on its own with perfectly arranged spreads. Here are just a few photogenic dishes that will not only #bless your Instagram feed, but also fill your belly with one-of-a-kind flavors from local hotspots worthy of a picture-perfect foodie experience. Instagram-Worthy Plates


‘Grammable Dish: Whole Branzino

Order at: 4 Saints

Whole Branzino
Credit: Jakob Layman

Fresh off the grill is the whole branzino, resting on a bed of poblano crema and topped with feathery leaves of fennel, pea shoots and lemon. Zesty and spicy in the best of ways, this dish is packed with flavor. From the mildly sweet, tender fish to the classic Mediterranean preparation, this delicious dish manages to pack a punch while being presented delicately on the plate in all its glory.

Location: Palm Springs 


Instagram-Worthy Plates

‘Grammable Dish: Fried Chicken Sandwich

Order at: Cheeky’s

Fried Chicken Sandwich
Credit: Audrey Ma

If you’re looking for homestyle comfort food with tremendous flavor, this fried chicken sandwich will definitely hit the spot. Complete with all the fixings, this popular menu item has bacon, homemade ranch, napa slaw and crispy onion wedged between fluffy buns. Savory flavor complements the ranch topping to create the ultimate lunchtime meal. Cheeky’s signature crispy chicken is the star of this entree, guaranteeing a cure for your hunger and a spot on your feed.

Location: Palm Springs 




‘Grammable Dish: Blackberry Custard French Toast

Order at: Wilma & Frieda’s

Custard French Toast
Credit: Laura Perkins

Wilma & Frieda’s blackberry custard French toast is easily the breakfast of champions that tastes just as sweet as it looks. Bursting with color and gooey goodness, this dish consists of bread pudding-like French toast drizzled with housemade blackberry sauce, all topped with fresh blackberries. This fruity delight will have you questioning if you are having breakfast or dessert, so start off the day right with this rich, photo-ready morning meal.

Location: Palm Desert, Palm Springs 


Instagram-Worthy Plates

‘Grammable Dish: Avocado Poke Toast

Order at: Boozehounds

Making healthy meal choices can be a priority for some, scanning the menu for what can accommodate your diet. The Avocado Poke Toast may be a simple dish by design, but it is anything but basic. This brunch dish contains bluefin tuna, cucumber, passionfruit, eel sauce, furikake, spicy mayo and microgreens, making it a fresh and colorful feature on the Boozehounds menu. And as you will find out when you go, this entire new Palm Springs restaurant is Insta-worthy (and dog-friendly)!

Location: Palm Springs 



‘Grammable Dish: Seared Bristol Scallops

Order at: Cork Tree

Bristol Scallops
Credit: Wyatt Faller

Captivating smoky flavors and hearty ingredients make up the seared Bristol scallops at Cork Tree in Palm Desert, complete with butternut squash, charred Brussels sprouts, smoked bacon and pomegranate reduction. The squash complements the zest found in the scallops while the smoked bacon juxtaposes the texture of the fish and forms a dynamic taste that is unlike any other. The seared Bristol scallops is also ideal if you want a lighter meal with big flavor.

Location: Palm Desert


Instagram-Worthy Plates

‘Grammable Dish: Lobster Popcorn

Order at: 533 Viet Fusion

Palm Springs’ favorite fusion eatery, 533 Viet Fusion, features an authentic mix of modern and traditional Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant is owned by husband-and-husband duo Chad Gardner and Roly Carvajal Paz, who take pride in using locally sourced ingredients, housemade sauces and a wide range of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. And if you’re looking to add some eye candy to your feed, 533 Viet Fusion’s Lobster Popcorn is a must-order! This decadent dish is served in a martini glass and is loaded with sweet lobster hand-dusted in corn flour and flash-fried with sweet and spicy aioli.

Location: Palm Springs


‘Grammable Dish: Ceviche de Camarón

Order at: Adobe Grill

Zesty, refreshing and delicious are only a few words that describe the Ceviche de Camarón at Adobe Grill. This Mexican staple is made with shrimp, pico de gallo, cucumber, avocado, corn tostadas and crunchy plantain chips. For a taste of the sea and traditional hispanic flavor, this is the perfect appetizer to snack on. Take a pic of this colorful creation and share it with your followers. Trust us—this one they won’t scroll past.

Location: La Quinta 


Instagram-Worthy Plates

‘Grammable Dish: Cauliflower Tacos

Order at: Azúcar

From the colorfully patterned walls to portraits of Frida Kahlo, there is no shortage of Instagram opportunities at Azúcar! The gluten-free and vegan cauliflower tacos are a must-try. The cauliflower is paired with cabbage, yellow squash, chipotle crema, pepita mango habanero salsa and cotija cheese for that extra crunch! Located at La Serena Villas, the outside poolside seating will leave you feeling #blessed.

Location: Palm Springs


‘Grammable Dish: Shrimp + Octopus Tostada

Order at: Delicias Mexican Cuisine

This fast-casual eatery in Desert Hot Springs serves up Mexican artisan cuisine that does not disappoint. Dig into the tasty shrimp and octopus tostada—but remember: the phone eats first! You want to snap a pic of this colorful dish that’s topped with freshly sliced cucumbers, avocado, cilantro and flowers. It doesn’t get more photogenic than this!

Location: Desert Hot Springs

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