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Palm Springs VillageFest is the Star of the Season

8 Booths You Can’t Miss Palm Springs VillageFest

Written By: Sara Hyland Palm Springs VillageFest 

For the ultimate street fair—meets farmer’s market—meets food festival—VillageFest in Palm Springs is the ideal place. It’s the perfect Thursday night featuring arts, crafts, food, and entertainment! Thousands of visitors flock to the Fest to meet artists, artisans, entertainers, and suppliers of fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, jewelry, snacks and sweets. That doesn’t include the array of fabulous shops, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment venues located along the illustrious Palm Canyon Drive right down the way. It’s no wonder it has become one of California’s most popular weekly events.

October through May 6-10 p.m.
June through September 7-10 p.m.

Rocco Patrick One Man Band

The art of the one man band is alive and well, and Patrick Rocco proves that weekly at VillageFest. In the entirety of the act, Rocco plays a washboard, harmonica, tenor banjo, kazoo, hi-hat, and puppets that dance as he sings covers and originals. With over 600 original songs in his arsenal it is no surprise that he’s crossed paths with Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Don’t miss the opportunity to cross his path at VillageFest.



Alika Rocks

New to VillageFest all the way from Thailand, Alika Rocks sells pieces to fill the rising demand for jewelry that means more than just its aesthetic appeal. These pieces are meant to heal the body, mind and soul as “spiritual jewelry.”



Aspen Mills Bakery

With the reputation of being voted Number One Best Bakery & Best Sandwiches in the Valley, it’s an honor to have Aspen Mills Bakery at VillageFest week in and week out. Using only the freshest ingredients in their premier breads, muffins, cookies and pies, it’s no wonder their product is so superb. A big hit at VillageFest is the cinnamon pull-apart bread, but patrons can also pick up other savory breads and brownies to snack on while shopping around.



Aqua Soaps and Desert Elements

It’s not easy to miss the booth for Aqua Soaps and Desert Elements at VillageFest. Your senses will lead the way—your eyes will immediately catch the attractive colors reflecting off the soaps, and your nose will no doubt take a whiff of the irresistible assortment of smells wafting in the air. Handcrafted by founder Larry Boeger, the soaps have built a lasting reputation and a clientele that constantly comes back for more.


Coachella Valley Derby Girls

Mothers. Accountants. Bartenders. Students. These are just some of the women that make up the league of hard-hitting women of the Coachella Valley Derby Girls. The girls have seized the opportunity at VillageFest to make new fans and remind everyone that derby is far from gone. You can find them there every Thursday night sharing their stories as well as recruiting new skaters and selling merchandise and tickets to their games. So stop on by and talk derby to them!



Desert Salvage

Specializing in the creation of furniture and craft items salvaged around the Coachella Valley, Desert Salvage creates custom handmade designs. Each piece unites the mid-century modern history of the region as well as the new desire for sustainability in our culture. Once founder Edward Yeakel made his way to VillageFest, reaction from the community was incredible and hasn’t slowed down since.



Farmers Daughter

Farmers Daughter promises to serve their patrons with “olive their love” at VillageFest. They love that particular scene because it offers an opportunity to mingle with people that share a similar passion for gourmet food. Though they specialize in organic premium olive oil, they also offer balsamic vinegars imported from Italy. Both can be sampled on bread at VillageFest or taken home and use as part of a delicious meal.




CV BBQ specializes in authentic open pit barbecuing, bringing the flavor to its finest from the seasoned red oak wood. The premium cuts of meat are cooked in CV BBQ’s custom barbeque grill trailers, perfect for events like VillageFest, and enhanced with special hand-selected seasonings and spices to create their signature rub at least 24 to 72 hours beforehand. CV BBQ has used VillageFest to showcase what they do and offer top notch barbecue to the local community.


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