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Meet the Brains Behind The App That Will Make Parking a Non-Issue

Written By: Nicole Hakim Pavemint Parking
Photographed By: Victoria Filice Pavemint Parking

Expert: Sarah Zurell Pavemint Parking
Credentials: Chief Brand Officer of the Pavemint Parking App

Q: What inspired you to create Pavemint?

Sarah Zurell: I love solving real life problems with human powered technology, and so when I met Randall Jamail, Pavemint’s CEO, I knew parking was a problem I could help solve. Thirty percent of city traffic is caused by people looking for parking, and that comes to 4.2 billion tons of CO2 every year just in LA alone. If people know where they are going to park before they leave their house, they won’t have to spend 20 minutes looking for a space, and their cars wouldn’t pollute our air. And who doesn’t love cleaner air?

Q: What makes Pavemint unique from other parking apps?

SZ: Pavemint is a full-featured platform that really thinks through the entire experience of going to an event. We are building a community to enrich our user’s lives and offer complete flexibility to our hosts when it comes to scheduling, smart pricing suggestions, peer reviews, real time data and EV listing; you can book on demand or in advance. We also have the highest number of peer-to-peer parking spaces throughout LA, and we surpass all our competitors in quality and quantity in the neighborhoods in which we are launched.

Q: What are some challenges you’ve had while creating Pavemint?

SZ: Parking is complex, and we are devoted to reeducating people when it comes to parking and its impact, all while making assumptions about human behavior. We set out to build an MVP, but not the one the tech community references. We are building an MVP to give our users the best possible experience, and that takes time. We’ve been in a public beta for two months learning and reacting to feedback. One of the most challenging things is that the whole team is ready to get into the marketplace, but we continuously have to change things and continue to solve problems. Our commitment to excellence prevents us from going wide until our product is perfect.

Q: How much does a parking spot typically get rented out for? What factor determines the price?

SZ: It is a wide range. Our reservations vary from $5 to $100, and it all depends on demand and where the space is located. In Silver Lake, you might pay $5 for a few hours, whereas if you were going to a Ram’s game at USC, you might pay up to $100. Typically beach city spaces go for around $10 to $30 for the day.

Q: Have you used the app? What did you need to find parking for?

SZ: Yes! I’m always using it and testing it every time we push a new version. I most recently parked at LAX. Our host, Gagik, has a parking lot, and after you drop off your car, he drives you to the airport and brings your car back when you land. Parking with him makes me feel like a rockstar, and it is cheaper than parking at the airport. Win, win!

Q: What are your hopes for the future of Pavemint?

SZ: Pavemint is so much more than a parking app. We are working to make it easier to drive an electric vehicle, as well as working with the city to make parking lots into parks and integrating Pavemint into self-driving cars so people can drive around like a VIP.

Q: What city do you think needs Pavemint the most and why?

SZ: Los Angeles is a no brainer, but pretty much all of Southern California is prime for us. Pretty much anywhere where parking is a problem, and we plan to expand throughout Southern California, the United States and the world.

Stand Up! As well as fighting for a cleaner environment, Zurell is also an active combatant against bullying.

Wonder Woman: According to her Twitter, Zurell is also an aspiring superhero.