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Guests Had an “Art” Attack at the Dupuis Design Experience in Orange County

Written By: Gracie Flowers
Photography Provided By: Celia Fousse Peggy Dupuis Design Experience

Nestled in the hills of San Clemente is the beginning of a one-of-a-kind art experience for the residents of Orange County. As the chief designer of the award-winning interior design firm, Dupuis Designs, Peggy Dupuis is renowned by her clients for her artistically-inclined eye. On Oct. 7, Dupuis gave those clients and others the exclusive opportunity to step inside her shoes and embrace their own appreciation for art through their five senses with the Dupuis Design Experience.

As soon as guests stepped through the grandiose wooden door of Dupuis’ home, they were greeted by a 360-degree art experience unmatched by any gallery. Live music floated down from the top of the staircase and a spread of french baguettes, meats and cheeses attracted a crowd by the kitchen island. Traditional pastries by renowned french chef Stephane Tréand were a delicacy that only contributed to the beauty of the incredible view framed by the floor-to-ceiling windows. As soon as they were able to turn their attention away from the food,  guests were greeted by a carefully curated collection of artwork to be featured in Dupuis Design’s new collection. From kitchen decorum to concrete sculptures, the pieces featured within her home were the definition of sophisticated, modern design emphasizing Dupuis’ love for travel and global art. While curating the vast selection of artists, Peggy Dupuis’ mission has been to cross over the practicality of home decor to the uniqueness of art. Artists such as Rory Dobner illustrated plates, Cookplay innovative kitchen design, Celia Fousse’s photography and Gardeco home sculptures have entered a well crafted collection on her website. With prices ranging from affordable to one of a kind art pieces.

To create a truly intimate experience, three artists and their work were featured at the event. Brazilian-born artist, Natalie Sanzache, displayed her collection of concrete and lace sculptures. Each piece shared the motif of light and the movement of shadows, which could be seen in her collaboration with the second artist, Adrien Roubens from Brussels. Roubens and Sanzache were flown in to create a live art installation for guests to enjoy, and they did not disappoint. The installation, a carefully constructed wall of wooden panels positioned in a back corner of the living area, was a piece of many layers. On the surface, Rouben created a mural from his personal medium, spray paint. Inspired by the elements, subtle bursts of deep pinks and indigo blues bloomed from the white foundation of the wooden panels. Sanzache added on her own personal signature of lace sculptures, made of chicken wire and white plaster, with a light element behind each one to create shadows and visual texture on the piece. The third artist to be featured, Leah Rodarti, is a resident Southern California artist specializing in art that offers a unique role to her clients. Her work, a mix of sculpture and painting, allows the buyer to customize the arrangement of each piece, almost like a puzzle that can work any way seen fit. Her choice of colors and shapes creates a truly unique piece of art fit for any setting.

This event was a wonderful platform for the artists, present or not, to gain exposure in the design world. This warm and enlightening experience allowed each guest to get to know not only the chief designer herself, but each artist involved in the collection as well. First-time home decorators and home decorating masters alike will find creative design ideas in the carefully curated collection of decorative accents, rugs, one-of-a-kind furniture, accent lighting, and more. Bedroom, bathroom, outdoor living space, or kitchen, all design ambitions are covered to match your budget. The entire Dupuis Design collection is now available on the newly launched website for consumers to view on www.dupuis-design.com.

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