This All-New AI Technology Makes Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring a Piece of Cake!

Skip the Hassle and Start Your Ring Buying Journey With Engage Jeweler

The search for the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be a struggle. With an endless number of websites and stores, the process can seem endless and tiresome. Lucky for lovebirds in the 2021 era, technology has evolved to make this process, like many others, a piece of cake! So before you start hunting, we’d like to introduce the latest and greatest tech that’ll help you find the perfect ring with ease.  Perfect Engagement Ring

Perfect Engagement Ring

Meet Engage Jeweler

This burgeoning company is the first fully immersive digital ring buying experience, founded by Michael Pollak, Founder and Chairman of Hyde Park Jewelers. Pollak’s vision behind Engage Jeweler was to simplify the ring buying experience using artificial intelligence (AI) that constructs unique profiles for shoppers based on their likes, dislikes and budget. Each ring is ethically sourced and comes with a lowest price guarantee and a Forever Lifetime Warranty. To learn more, we sat down with Pollak to find out the backstory of Engage, how it works and where the company is headed. Go on, take a look for yourself!

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1 | Tell us about you and your current business endeavor.

After founding Hyde Park 45 years ago, I saw a unique opportunity and void in the diamond and engagement ring online purchase journey which wasn’t being addressed.


2 | People have been buying engagement rings for over a century now. How is your new technology/company changing the process?

I saw where we could enhance the purchase experience by using AI, machine learning, natural language processing and image recognition in order to personalize the experience and deliver dynamic results at the lowest guaranteed pricing available. 


3 | What is the goal of Engage Jeweler? Is it to save time or money? To find the perfect ring?

Both. Engage provides an opportunity to shop over 100,000 diamonds in over 600 different rings, which have over 1.5 million different variations. While at first, the selection may seem overwhelming, that’s where our patent-pending technology simplifies the process and how you spend time and money!

The user can provide social media affiliations or upload pictures of rings they like and our algorithms will suggest the style offering, shape of the diamond and color of the metal with a high degree of predictability that the recipient would prefer.

4 | How long did it take you to develop this technology?

The technology has been in development for over two and a half years.


5 | What is the most appealing aspect of shopping this way? Can you expand on the Pinterest and AI angle?

Many people create Pinterest boards to collect and express their preferences for their dream ring. Our technology analyzes the imagery and descriptions in the board and makes insightful suggestions.

6 | How many newly engaged people do you hope to help every year?

Having just fully launched both the app and website in May, we are serving over 100 clients per month and expect the volume to grow very rapidly.


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