4 Ways to Prep for a Trip to the Desert, According to This Personal Injury Law Partner

Planning a Desert Excursion? Read These 4 Tips to Avoid Mishaps

A desert trip conjures up visions of warm nights, poolside cocktails and new and exciting adventures. But when it comes to planning a safe and eventful weekend, even the sharpest of tools can make mistakes. So, whether you’re planning a vacay—or even a staycay—you’ll want to keep a few precautions in mind. Personal injury law partner Kevin Crockett from Crockett Law Group has seen the pitfalls of traveling to resort areas like the desert community, and he knows exactly how to avoid them. Here are Crockett’s four tips on how to avoid major mishaps on your next desert excursion. Personal Injury Lawyer Tips


About Kevin Crockett: Personal Injury Lawyer Tips

Crockett wants to serve anyone with an injury that’s non-work related. He is finding a niche with a mature demographic as well as with the LGBTQ community in the desert. Why is he the best lawyer to work with? “A lot of people find it hard to communicate with their attorney,” he says. “Clients often have to talk to assistants of other lawyers, but my clients can reach me directly when they need to.” Crockett brings a fresh, new energy to the Coachella Valley in personal injury law.

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1 | Gym? I Thought You Said Gin!

Scenario: You’ve just checked in to the ultra-hip ARRIVE hotel in Palm Springs, and you’re itchin’ for some pool time. So, you slip on your swimsuit and head to the pool for some sun. The heat is sweltering, so you decide to order one of ARRIVE’s signature Shady Lady cocktails made with gin, chareau, cucumber, coconut, matcha and lime. Fast forward a few hours, and (big surprise) you’re on number three. At this point, tipsy is an understatement.

Precautions: While consuming alcohol (if over the age of 21) is no crime, but there are still several things to consider when getting your drink on. Crockett advises, “Obviously, don’t drink too much and get behind the wheel. Take public transportation, whether it’s Uber or Lyft.” And if you use a rideshare service, Crockett reminds us that passengers can still get injured when they take an Uber, and unfortunately, the possibility of getting hit by a drunk driver still exists, so buckle up, even when you’re in the backseat!


2 | Slip, Slip, Hooray? Personal Injury Lawyer Tips

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Scenario: You slurp up the last sip of your cocktail and decide to treat yourself to “just one more.” You pop up off your lounge chair and begin to frolic over to the bar, but OH NO—you forgot your sandals! The pavement is hot, so you start to run…

Precautions: Remember when your mother would yell at you, “don’t run, walk!”? Well, even as adults, this rule still stands. Crockett suggests, “Always dry off your feet to avoid injury by slipping on wet cement or tile by a pool. The potential settlement is not worth the injury; at the end of the day, it’s better to just protect yourself.” Pro tip: The desert heat can increase the effects of alcohol, so be sure to down a glass of water in between drinks!

3 | Do Your “Offroading” Homework 

Scenario: It’s day two of your spring vacay, and you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. You call up Off Road Rentals, an ATV rental company just a few miles up Hwy 111. You make a reservation and are stoked to explore the desert’s rugged terrain on an ATV.

Precautions: Taking a desert tour in an off-road vehicle can be fun and exciting; however, “you’ll want to do your research in finding a reputable company,” Crockett points out. “Make sure they’re taking care of their equipment and following instructions for safety.” One of his clients suffered multiple fractures in his arm when an ATV he was riding rolled onto its side—talk about vacation #ruined.


4 | Make It a Staycay, Not a Daycay

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Scenario: It’s Saturday morning, and you’ve planned an action-packed trip to Palm Springs. First stop? Brunch at Wilma & Frieda’s, of course! Then, you plan on spending a few hours at The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens to see the new Australian Adventures exhibit. Final stop? Downtown Palm Springs for dinner and a little bar hopping!

Precautions: “A lot of people commute to Palm Springs for the day from San Diego, Orange County or LA,” explains Crockett, “and some of them drink at the bars. But even if you have a designated driver, remember that they can get tired too.” It’s often over an hour’s drive home on lonely stretches of highway. “It’s better to just spend the night,” he says. Book a stay at one of Palm Springs’ many resorts or hotels for peace of mind and a comfortable night’s rest! 


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