Costa Mesa’s Pilates on Purpose is Here to Motivate You

Written By: Chelsea Raineri  Pilates on Purpose

Joseph H. Pilates, the creator of the Pilates exercise, once said, “The mind, within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.” At Pilates on Purpose, this empowerment comes from the encouragement provided to its guests to achieve their personal fitness goals and sense of Zen. Set in the courtyard gardens of a Santa Barbara-style building in Costa Mesa, this intimate studio owned by Darci Brawley caters to the client with private and semi-private classes. Pilates on Purpose works with each client to learn their strengths and weaknesses in order to better assist them in reaching their goals.  

As a certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer, Darci was frustrated with not finding the type of workout program she longed for.  She decided to create Pilates on Purpose. “I had an idea of how I wanted to treat people and how I felt fitness should be.”  I wasn’t experiencing that elsewhere and wanted to create an environment where people could grow and reach their full potential,” she says.

Darci’s initial inspiration to create her own studio came from her mother who had  become chronically ill with heart disease as a result of lifestyle, weight gain, lack of exercise and smoking. Darci’s mother was unable to connect with and feel comfortable exercising.  This gave Darci the initiative to create a business model that centered on having her guests feel supported and independent.  She called her boutique studio “Pilates on Purpose” to remind us of the importance of staying focused on our personal motivation and being mindful of every movement.  Clients are encouraged to focus on their own workout and not to compare themselves to those around them.

Pilates on Purpose makes it a goal to remember each client’s name and individual needs while keeping the experience intimate and personalized. The group classes have a maximum of six people, allowing the instructors to assist each student and modify their movement when needed. With mild background music and soft lighting, participants will have a life changing experience where they connect with their workout on a deeper level.

With a variation of six, 55-minute classes Monday through Saturday, students of all levels will be able to find a class they enjoy. For those who are new to Pilates or in rehabilitation from injury, there is the Reformer Intro class. If you’re more familiar with Pilates, the Reformer Pilates, Pilates Circuit, and Yoga Flow are available. Pilates enthusiasts of all levels are offered Yogalates and Ballet Conditioning. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing without zippers or snaps, a pair of sticky socks, and please no jewelry.  

During your first class, you should expect to, “gain a lot of base knowledge of Pilates that you can build on,” says Darci. While most classes move quickly, the studio spends more time with its newcomers to help them feel comfortable and learn the core essentials of Pilates. Darci strives to make each individual’s experience with Pilates a positive one.

When you come to Pilates on Purpose, Darci stresses that, “Wherever someone is they can always get better or improve. It’s important to be accepting of where you are and to move forward.”

Pilates on Purpose
234 E 17th St #106
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Darci Brawley Makes it Known that Pilates has Purpose

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