5 PIRCH Appliances That’ll Take Your Cooking Game to the Next Level

Put on Your Chef Hat—You’re Going to Love These Gadgets!

Name: Kimberly Ayala
Job Title: Executive Chef at PIRCH PIRCH Appliances

Known for their experiential retail and culinary how-tos, PIRCH works with each client to refine both their kitchens and cooking skills in their five picturesque showrooms across Southern California. “Some clients bring their own dough to test out which oven bakes their bread best,” enthuses Kimberly Ayala, the executive chef at PIRCH who teaches people how to cook using PIRCH’s luxury appliances. Here are her five best cooking tips along with the appliances that make them easy as pie. 


Steam Is a Must for Crust

From Thermador to Gaggenau, Chef Kimberly swears by steam ovens for baking. “They’re so innovative and versatile,” she says. “Plus, if you want to get that great artisan crust on your bread, you actually need steam.”


Oh, the Dinners You’ll Smoke!

Smoke and grill meats with the Hybrid Grill. “Grills like the Kalamazoo not only allow you to grill food with gas, but infuse more flavors like charcoal, wood chips or wine with a smoke box,” Chef Kimberly says.

Soup du Jour and So Much More

“An automatic blender like the Wolf Gourmet Blender not only makes great purees and smoothies, but safely blends hot soups ready to serve,” Chef Kimberly explains. “Just throw in steamed veggies with your choice of stock!”


Autonomous Ovens

Electric ovens and wall ovens, such as the Miele, have wireless pro thermometers that make roasting chicken fool-proof. “Just set it to 165º, and you won’t have to check the temperature. You’ll be notified when it’s ready.”


Speedy Heating

For the on-the-go home cook, Chef Kimberly recommends a speed oven, a convection oven and microwave that allows you to cut cooking time by nearly half. The speed oven by Dacor even has an air frying function; no more taking up extra counter space. “The home cook should always invest in tools that make cooking great food easier,” she adds.


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