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Thanks to Our Detailed Guide, There’s No Need for Nerves Before You Pop the Question

Thinking of popping the question? First off, you’re going to need to make it one of the most memorable moments of you and your partner’s lives. After all, the question everyone will be asking (besides to see the engagement ring) is, “How did they propose?!” There’s nothing worse than being unprepared, especially when everyone will hear about it!

Luckily, we spoke with Liberty Diamonds and put together a quick and easy guide. Think of it as Proposal 101. Liberty Diamonds is a direct importer and they cut their own diamonds (a rare find). At Liberty Diamonds, you won’t just find showcases full of custom-cut, sparkling diamonds and bands—you’ll find an exceptional team that’s prepared to help you from start to finish.

There are a lot of factors to consider when picking out the right engagement ring. Liberty Diamonds likes to sum it up in four key words: carat weight, color, clarity and cut. But then there’s also ring size and pricing. Overwhelmed? Don’t be.


“Most of our designs are made from scratch, ” says Troy Lob, Vice President of Liberty Diamonds and GIA graduate gemologist. “A lot of times people don’t come in and just pick something out of the showcase and go home with it.” Liberty makes a special effort to educate their customers because that’s when the customer will find the absolute best fit. So come in prepared. Figure out a price range so the Liberty team can present you with a wider selection and ask your partner’s family or friends their ring size. And if you don’t know an exact ring size, don’t sweat it.

At Liberty, customers can choose a diamond and temporary solitaire and come back later for the style. “They can pick the diamond so they’re choosing the center stone and controlling the budget, ” says Cristina Pucci, Liberty Diamonds’ custom jewelry designer and a GIA Diamonds Graduate. “And if they don’t know what ring style she wants or what ring size she is, we can just set it into a solitaire so he can propose, keep it a surprise and then say, ‘Let’s go back together and design a ring.’”

Custom ring designs take about three or four weeks, but Liberty’s temporary solitaire program is an excellent option to give your partner the freedom to choose their dream ring without taking away the romance of a surprise proposal. Lob says the round brilliant and cushion brilliant (a Liberty Diamonds specialty) are the most popular cuts, though oval and pear are up-and-coming shapes to consider. As far as pricing, you don’t have to worry about a salesperson who only wants to make a big commission because the Liberty team knows the right diamond isn’t always the most expensive. “You can’t judge the beauty of a diamond from a piece of paper, ” says Lob.

The Liberty Diamonds process is all about educating you so that you find the best ring possible—especially since the proposal pretty much sets the mood for everything afterward! So once you’ve picked out your rock, if you’re stuck on how to actually pop the question, talk to Liberty!

“Think about the type of person she is—one girl might really want something extravagant, like a flash mob, and that might be the worst nightmare of another girl, ” says Pucci. Your proposal should be romantic and well-planned, but most of all it should reflect what you think your partner would want. Perhaps their family or friends should be included in on the plan if they’re especially close, or maybe a surprise vacation for just the two of you is the right choice. All the old standbys—dancing, a candlelit meal, twinkling garden lights, flowers—are excellent tools for creating the romance, but many proposals nowadays even include film crews or hired photographers. It’s all up to you on how you want your story to begin!

Whether you call ahead to your favorite restaurant and arrange to put the ring in a flute of champagne or opt for an intimate sunset at the beach, Pucci advises to remember one thing: “You’re going to have to tell the story of how you proposed 50 times.”

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