Planning a Wedding? 6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Wedding

Written By Guest Blogger: Megan Waters of Water Tree Events Planning a Wedding? 6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

As a top wedding videographer in Southern California, I have the privilege to speak with many couples planning their wedding.   One of the most asked questions I get is… “Do I really need a wedding videographer?” 

I think it’s a great question and a very important one, but the answer starts with another question. How do you want to look back on your wedding day and share it with your family and friends? There are many ways to reminisce and it’s a very personal choice.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself to help determine if you need a professional wedding videographer on your big day?

1) How important are your wedding vows?

The words you exchange in your wedding vows are special and an emotional moment. If you wish to hear them again, a professional wedding videographer will have the small lav mics needed to capture you clearly even if your emotions overcome you and you whisper them.  A friend with an iphone will get the picture but not the audio.

2) Do you want to see how you look during your first dance?

The first dance is another wedding day event that is a moment that involves motion, emotion and music. Usually the lights are dimmed to set the mood.   A professional wedding videographer can capture your moves because the equipment they film with can handle low light and the audio of this moment.

3) Can you be in two places at once?

I think we all wish we had that capability!    Your wedding day will have multiple activities going on around you….it’s a celebration involving many people and locations! Having a professional videography team can capture  all the moments because multiple cameras can be placed at all events.

4) How good is your memory?

Do you remember all the presents, words, food, and fun you had on you 10th birthday? In high emotional events like a wedding, our memories can get overloaded. With time all memories get moved to our long term memory. How good is long term memory? What will you remember and share on your 20th wedding anniversary. A professional wedding videographer can capture and preserve the love, motions and emotions of your special day in the exact way it all unfolded!

5) How much do you love your friends?

Asking a friend to film your wedding literally takes them out of celebrating your wedding with you and places the pressure and responsibility of working your wedding. Not to mention the risk to your friendship if they do not meet your expectations in the video capture. A professional video team has the right equipment, experience and sole focus to be there to capture and preserve your wedding day.

6) What is your family legacy?

Do you wish to share your wedding day and legacy with your children and grandchildren? Professional videography through the final editing gives you a final video that tells your legacy and preserves it for future generations to enjoy.

Remember it’s a personal choice and important choice. If you chose that hiring a professional wedding videography team is the right way to go in capturing and preserving your wedding day memories; the next step is to do your research. Start with reading the reviews of each video company you are considering.

If you are planning a wedding or event and are considering professional videography please reach out with any questions.  We are here to help!   |  714.330.9891

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