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Photography Provided By: Tomoko H. Matsubayashi
Photography Provided By: Tomoko H. Matsubayashi

4 SoCal Plant Shops That’ll Liven Up Your Home

It’s True, You Can Never Have Enough Plants

You know you’ve truly reached adulthood when it’s Friday night and you decide to stay home…with your plants. But hey, your little green guys need attention too! And when it comes down to it, these leafy lovers enhance our living environment in significant ways—from improving our mood and reducing stress to purifying the air and more! So whether you’re a green-thumbed veteran or new plant parent, there’s no better time to grow your collection. With that said, we’ve rounded up four of SoCal’s most charming botanical boutiques! These lush shops are so swoon-worthy that with just one visit, you’re destined to adopt at least one more fiddle-leaf fig friend. Plant Shops Near Me


Peacock & Co.

Leafy palms, mini cacti and suspended pothos are just a few of the gorgeous greens you’ll find at this Long Beach shop. With a rustic brick exterior and floor-to-ceiling windows, passersby of Peacock & Co. can catch a glimpse of the beauty inside. Owner Stephanie Saharopulos designs and curates potted displays and botanical wares that give her shop an aesthetic that’ll have you smitten. Shop around and discover a variety of species housed in everything from funky ceramic pots and wooden crates to hanging macrame holders and glass terrariums. Peacock & Co. is a little slice of heaven that’ll no doubt turn your thumb green.

Peacock & Co.
306 Cerritos Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802

Plant Shops Near Me

Mellowist Plant Life

Photography Provided By: Brianna Nakatani

At the core of every great nursery is a thriving community—and Mellowist is just that. Founder DJ Aleman opened the shop with intentions of fostering a community of like-minded people who have their “hands in the earth and head in the clouds.” This little urban oasis puts out good energy with their vibrant storefront and unique collection of cacti, succulents and hand-crafted pottery. Explore the oddities of this funky Costa Mesa shop and take home a new potted pal!

Mellowist Plant Life
2968 Randolph Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626



Landmark Plant Co.

Photography Provided By: Tomoko H. Matsubayashi

With two enchanting San Diego locations, it’s no wonder Landmark Plant Co. is deemed one of the cutest spots to buy your greens. Both of the North County nurseries double as gift shops, so guests can not only pick out new plants, but browse an assortment of goodies too! With wellness products like everyday oils and vegan lip butter to home goods like greeting cards, candles and tea towels, Landmark is a one-stop shop!

Landmark Plant Co.
Leucadia, Oceanside



Acme 5 Lifestyle

Boho bliss meets midcentury madness at this indoor-outdoor furniture shop and nursery. The Acme 5 brand fuses art with nature to cultivate an authentic and earthy retail experience. At each of the shop’s three locations, you’ll find everything from aloe trees and teak furniture to nifty artisan decor. Pop in and browse through Acme’s thriving nursery and experience the dreamy desert vibes for yourself!

Acme 5 Lifestyle
Santa Monica, Yucca Valley, San Pedro

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