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Photo By: Bradley Blackburn
Photo By: Bradley Blackburn

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Kessler on How to Get Summer Ready

Surgical or Not, These Procedures Will Get you Beach-Ready

Written By: Alana Aronson Plastic Surgeon

We are all familiar with the “Endless Summer” that California natives are privileged with nearly all year round—but what happens when our summer bodies seem to take a vacation after the new year? Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Kessler is the man to see when looking for the perfect procedure. Whether you intend to go under the knife, or non-surgical services are more your speed, Dr. Kessler gave LOCALE his top seasonal suggestions so that you feel bikini and board short ready all year long.

Q: We know Kessler Plastic Surgery for their outstanding surgical procedures. What are the best procedures you recommend that tailor to our endless Bikini Season here in Orange County?

Dr. Robert Kessler: By far the most common procedure this time of year for women is breast augmentation. Recent advancements in implant technology have produced safer devices with greater choices in the final appearance of the breast. To make things even better, Dr. Kessler uses long acting anesthetic blocks during surgery to speed up the recovery and decrease the need for pain medications. Filling out that perfect bikini top has never been easier.

If you still have stubborn areas of fat around the waist or thighs, liposuction remains the gold standard for body contouring. An hour in the OR and a few weeks in a garment and you will be ready for the beach. Once you have removed the fat with liposuction, why waste it. Dr Kessler can transfer that fat to the breasts, buttocks or face.

If surgery is more than what you are up for, we recommend the Vanquish ME a radiofrequency device which permanently removes fat cells from unwanted areas. This newly FDA approved device can address localized fat of the abdomen, love handles and extremities while also causing some tightening of the skin.

Q: “Fun in the Sun” can take a toll on our skin. Are there any non-surgical procedures you recommend to avoid or repair the damage?

RK: Southern California is gorgeous but it is hard to escape the sun. Constant application of sunscreen is the best defense. The best offense however is great skincare with retinoic acid and vitamin C as the staples of a daily regimen.

If pigment irregularities are a concern adding a hydroquinone is a must. Results can be seen in just 4 weeks. Photofacial is a great time-friendly option to even the skin tone—results can be seen with just one treatment.

Acne, Age spots and precancerous lesions can be knocked out with Photodynamic therapy but expect some down time with this one. Usually 1-3 days.  

Q: For those of us who want to show off our sun-kissed skin makeup free, but are stuck with stubborn blemishes, what service can you offer?

RK: Skincare is the gold standard for acne but BLU U is a wonderful treatment with or without Levulan. The blue light wavelength kills the bacteria that lead to zits. This can be done weekly with no downtime. More severe cases benefit from the levulan but leave you a bit irritated.

Q: Sometimes our workouts and diet can only take us so far. Can you tell us about Vanquish Fat Removal for smooth and firm skin?

RK: Vanquish is a radiofrequency device that creates an electric field. This energy passes through skin and muscle easily but gets bogged down in fat generating heat. The lethal temperature for fat is reached with minimal discomfort and the transmitted heat leads to skin tightening. The new and improved Vanquish ME can also treat thighs and arms. Recently FDA approved for the permanent reduction of fat, this is a real crowd pleaser.

Q: Summer is not only “Wedding Season, ” but a time for baby showers and new arrivals. How can your Mommy Makeover help mothers get their summer bodies ready?

RK: Babies are a wonderful treasure but they come with a price. The two areas most commonly impacted by those bundles of joy are the breasts and tummy. The Mommy Makeover is basically a combined surgical procedure that addresses improving both the breasts and the abdomen. It can be as simple as liposuction and breast augmentation to tummy tuck with breast lift and implants depending on the need and the desire.

Check out Dr Kessler’s website for more details or better yet, call for a consultation.


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Locale Gets the Summer Body Scoop From Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Kessler

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