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Written By: Jordan Ligons and Elizabeth Morris Female Fitness in SD

Maria Disla, Pure Indoor Cycling

The owner of Pure Indoor Cycling, Maria Disla, uses her business to promote living a balanced, happy lifestyle. Their cycling classes are designed to motivate members to push their physical and mental limits.


Kate Buntenbach, SoCal Runner Gal

Kate is a blogger, run coach and full time marketing professional living in Encinitas. Originally from the midwest, she never misses an opportunity to be at the beach. You can usually find Kate running up and down the 101 or blogging and sipping a cappuccino at a local coffee shop.


Kellen McAvoy, A Cup Of Kellen

A Cup of Kellen is a one-stop spot for everything food, fitness and lifestyle in sunny San Diego. From delicious recipes to her weekly workouts, Kellen knows her stuff. Follow her Instagram for tips on meal prepping and her classic post-run turquoise Garmin watch shot giving you the inside scoop to her La Jolla Marathon training!


Natalie Jill, Natalie Jill Fitness

This #girlboss has made a name for herself by building a fitness empire! You can own piece of Natalie Jill motivation in the form a DVD, Instagram post or a weekly blog post reminding you of you are worth it! She continuously shares her story of losing everything and decided to choose the ‘better’ road rather than the ‘bitter’ one.


Stephanie Benton, Cohesive Pilates & Fitness

Stephanie is a STOTT PILATES Certified Pilates instructor training clients at Fitness Quest 10.  She’s here to help you whip that booty into shape, all the while helping women live their fullest lives through her blog Cohesive Fitness! Having just had her first baby in October 2016, she is passionate about helping new moms reconnect to themselves physically and spiritually. Check out her blog to read articles on fitness, healthy living, simplifying your life and also the importance of following your dreams!


Ashleigh Hinrichs , Daily Cup of Asheejojo

Ashleigh uses her blog to spread tasty and nutritious recipes as well as lists of active San Diego outings. All while giving you a daily dose of motivation, Ashleigh does it in style; plus she has guides to local trails, restaurants, camping and races to sign up for, giving you an exclusive inside scoop!


Kristin Stehly, STUFT Mama


As a marathon runner, group fitness instructor, personal trainer and a mother of twins, Kristin lives a STUFT life. After recovering from an injury, Kristi has been taking advantage of her regained mobility to live to an active and healthy lifestyle.


Nicole Crane, Foodie Loves Fitness

Nicole has been a health counsellor since 2014 who strives to help others achieve their health goals. Her strategies for healthy living include ways to get active, recipes for healthy living and weight loss.


Erica Friedman, Sprinkles and Sit Ups

Erica Friedman combines her two favorite things in her blog: fitness and food. Her goal is to help others achieve healthier and happier lives while not giving up an occasional sweet treat.


Nicole Dobransky, Fitness Fatale

Health and fitness did not always come easy to Nicole Dobransky and she struggled with her weight and self-confidence for much of her life. However, everything finally clicked when she successfully completed the home workout program P90X in 2011, losing 11 pounds, realizing she is much stronger than she thought, and learning a great deal about nutrition along the way. Her new lifestyle inspired her to pursue lofty fitness goals, including a full Ironman triathlon and seven marathons. She created her blog to document her own journey but it has turned into an catalyst to help motivate and inspire others as well. Nicole shares not only her triumphs, but an honest account of her struggles along her journey to balance motherhood, a sweet tooth and a career with her health and fitness goals.


Makenna Laura, Makenna Laura

“My name is Makenna I have been an athlete in San Diego my whole life. Born and raised. I couldn’t think of being in any other city besides here, I have built a community of like minded athletes and friends all around me. Life here in SoCal consists of yoga, eating healthy, and becoming the best version of myself everyday. I work to encourage others to do the same, though we are human and we have weakness/fail, nothing but good lesson can grow us to be even BETTER versions of ourselves. My lifestyle journey has been long, I am 21 years young, but I have journeyed through the battles of sickness, loss, and heart break. These experiences had developed my company today, I share a blogging journey to live a lifestyle, through thick and thin. Being aware of ones health no matter what! Grow and DO MORE!”


Samantha Hunter, Sam.Hunter.SD

After a couple scrolls through Sam.Hunter.SD’s Instagram, you can’t help but be motivated but the bright colors and fun yoga poses! Samantha uses this platform to inspire locals to get up and get moving! Follow her for a fun (and bright) addition to your fit inspo.

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