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These Women Are Shaping up the Athletic Scene in San Diego

Female Fitness in SD

Mandy Burstein (@zengirlmandy)


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Who she is: A Yoga Instructor, Soul Medicine Mama, and Divine Feminist Heart Healer with moon goddess gatherings.

Female Fitness in SD

Rachel Mulvaney (@theyoganinja)

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What is your vision? I was asked this question and it made me stop and think… Overall in my life, I want to create a more connected world full of love, authenticity, and vulnerability. Vision is so important. If I am to really get clear on what I want, I have to have a vision. So many days, weeks, months, and even years are spent just drifting or in complacency if a vision isn’t seen or focused on. I’ve been reflecting back on jobs and relationships that had, for me at the time just became what I did, because a vision of a future wasn’t clear. I’ve learned that complacency and comfort are the killer of dreams. I’m done with that way of being. I’m leaning into my purpose and passions and my vision for creating my dream life is now becoming clear. I’m ready to stretch past my comfort zone, to be all in, to be confident in myself, to use my voice, and to step into my power. @eijiphoto 📸

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Who she is: A RYT-200 Yoga Instructor who hosts workshops and private sessions.

Female Fitness in SD

Demi Bagby (@demibagby) Female Fitness in SD

Who she is: A CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder who was featured on Gymshark.


Alice Zarka (@alice_zarka)

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today is a big day for me! i’m so excited to share a personal project i’ve been working on for the past couple months… ALICESATLAS.com 🌏 this will be my outlet to share destination guides + yoga resources & i couldn’t be happier with how it looks, thanks to my friend @avajohanna (who also took this photo of me! 😘) . . check out the link in my bio for some timely highlights like how to chase the northern lights in iceland 🌌, the best tropical adventures in sri lanka & aruba 🏝 + a whole california road trip section ✌🏼 . . i’d love your input too. i have many things planned for the yoga portion of the site, but please tell me… what kind of content would help you in developing a SELF yoga practice? one that does not rely on a studio or any teacher? . thank you for being such a supportive and inspiring community of humans 🙏🏼☺️ can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Who she is: A Yoga Instructor and blogger who also provides resources for travel experiences.


Andrea Lane

Who she is: A Fitness Blogger of True Balance Fitness and Personal Trainer with many interests including performing arts, running, hiking, weight training and snowboarding.


Madelyn Gordon (@madelynrgordon)

Who she is: A RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, Yoga Sculpt Instructor and Fitness Enthusiast.


Beth Gerdes McKenzie (@bethgmckenzie)

Who she is: A professional triathlete and Ironman Champion who lives in San Diego but cycles in various parts of the world. She is the Co-Founder of Wyn Republic.


Bianca Bonus (@bianca_bonus)

Who she is: A Yoga Instructor and Co-Owner of Girl Get Outside™ which connects and empowers women to make a difference by going outdoors.


Andy (@fitandyy)

Who she is: A Fitness Blogger and Aspiring Dietician with a focus on nutrition, motherhood and pregnancy workouts.


Jenna Zabrosky (yoga_with_jenna)

Who she is: A certified Yoga Instructor at Buddhi Yoga and Spirit Yoga Studios who is also a Lululemon ambassador and retreat leader.

Buddhi Yoga
7843 Girard Ave, Ste F
La Jolla, CA 92037

Spirit Yoga Studios
1559 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109