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Written By: Francy Lopez Chef in North County San Diego

James Pyo, Blue Ocean Robata Sushi

Chef James Pyo has spent the last decade building the successful sushi restaurants Love Boat Sushi in Oceanside and San Marcos. James was ready for a new challenge and decided to take the great things from Love Boat and improve on it with the addition of a robata grill and a larger kitchen menu that incorporated more fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Never one to sit still, Chef James opened Blue Ocean Robata and Sushi Bar in Carlsbad, Blue Smoke Sushi Lounge at Fashion Valley Mall, and Pokewan in Carlsbad and Del Mar.


Chef Jason, Love Boat Sushi

Chef Jason of Love Boat Sushi in San Marcos is a crowd favorite. He brings his customers specialty creations and a fun-filled, light environment. Making sure to create only the best sushi experience for everyone who walks through their doors, he welcomes them in as family and treats them as such.


Makotosan Ishihara, Samurai Restaurant

Mako is 65 years old and started in Tokyo at the age of 16. Mako worked with us when we first opened in 1979 and been maintaining the traditional Japanese style at Samurai. We recommend sitting down with Mako or at our private Tatami Room and have him fix a set 10-12 course meal. We offer live scallop, live shrimp,  giant clam (mirugai) and of course bluefin Tuna and toro.


Rob Ruiz, Land & Water Co.

Motivated by the desire to bring fresh and responsibly raised food to his customers, Chef Rob Ruiz brings his expertise to San Diego. He practiced under the mastership of sushi chef Etsuji Umezu, who guided him to cultivate and grow in his art. Rob guarantees an ethical and fine dining experience at Land & Water Co. in Carlsbad.

Hideharu Saito, Sushi Bar Blue Fin

With 30 years of experience, head sushi chef and owner of Sushi Bar Blue Fin, Sam Saito, opened up his own sushi restaurant on January 30, 2007. Dedicated to his sushi artform, Sam works to bring his customers in Encinitas the freshest and tastiest ingredients to their table in order to give them the best sushi experience yet. Sam takes his prior knowledge of traditional sushi-making and infuses it with Western-inspired tastes.


Carlos Gomez, Hooked on Sushi

With nearly 20 years of experience in the art of sushi, Chef Carlos Gomez over at their Carlsbad location brings his own unique twist to the delicious tradition. To distinguish his sushi from others, he makes sure to incorporate his own flavors with cilantro and lime to whip out some customer favorites. Carlos aims to always ensure freshness and flavor.


Omar Rodriguez, HapiFish

Those over at HapiFish Encinitas have a whole new approach to their food and to the mouths they feed. The head sushi chef, Omar, and the rest of the Hapi family all believe in evolving and renewing themselves. They strive to ensure that their food and overall environment reflect their mantra of carrying out lively, ‘hapi’ lives.


Masuo Sato, Masuo’s Restaurant

Masuo Soto, owner and chef at Masuo’s in Solana Beach did not have a traditional experience in his time in business. He gathered a great amount of clientele with his restaurant, but still decided to sell it a little while later. Due to complications with the ownership following him, Masuo took his restaurant back underneath his wings and started it up once again, even better and more successful than the last time.


Chef Luis, Sushi Huku

Sushi Chef Luis over at Sushi Huku makes sure to always live up to their name when feeding his customers. “Huku,” or happiness, is what the crew over at Sushi Huku has been bringing to their customers in San Marcos for many years now. Thanks to their fresh ingredients and pride in their abilities, they never fail to serve up quality Japanese cuisine.


Chef JooHan Kim, Sushi4Reel

Sushi4Reel is a lively and bright environment. From the colorful murals to the music to the fresh food prepared by experienced and sociable chefs such as Joohan Kim, customers are guaranteed to leave feeling full and satisfied. Chef Joohan always strives for a fun-filled and delicious sushi experience for his customers.

Chef Tony, Sushi Kami

Brand new to the San Diego sushi scene, owner and head chef Tony brings a new sushi hit to San Diegans in North County. Just three weeks in, customers can’t get enough of Sushi Kami. It seems that it’s quickly gaining support from locals and heading to the top of their must-visit lists.


Chef Bernie, Sushi Yama

The staff over at Sushi Yama Carlsbad strive to give their customers a top notch sushi experience. They are constantly working for a memorable time for first timers and better ones for recurring customers to keep them coming back for more. With freshness and quality in mind, Sushi Yama chefs work to give you only their best.

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