Popcorn and Martinis in San Diego

The LOT is a New Luxury Cinema in San Diego

Written By: Jackie Bryant  The LOT
Photographed By: Sarah Nail

San Diego’s cinema scene has been revamped by CEO and Owner of The LOT, Adolfo Fastlicht. Date nights and entertaining excursions are now a luxurious culinary adventure thanks to these premier cinemas. With locations in La Jolla and Liberty Station, there is no shortage of luxury and entertainment across San Diego.

Question: What is your vision for your company, The LOT?

Adolfo Fastlicht: It’s three things as one concept: “lifestyle, experience, entertainment.” It’s much broader than cinema, offering a unique venue for our patrons. We’re bringing coffee, culture, fine dining, and the “happening” bar to premium cinema. We created this atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves. Some clients come for coffee, others for drinks, others for dinner and a movie and others for all of the above.

Q: Why movie theaters? What about this particular venue excites you?

AF: My intention was to redefine cinema insofar as creating a concept, which is more of overall lifestyle entertainment. We see ourselves as a boutique operator creating whole environments in an atypical destination. We’re not going to be in run-of-the-mill shopping centers—we’re going to unique communities, like La Jolla or Liberty Station, where we believe we can make a difference. Our cinemas are intended to be community oriented. We want our patrons to adopt the locations as if it’s their own. We are inspired by romance, the craft movement, and creativity—it’s in our DNA.

Q: Are you working off of a specific template as you multiply?

AF: Yes and no. The LOT is really a curated experience. Everything is planned out and intentionally hand-selected, with a purpose. No two locations will have the same art, or the same layout, though there are overall themes. Even the plates are one-of-a-kind!

Q: Why San Diego?

AF: San Diego is emerging from being a sleepy, relaxed city to becoming an innovative city on many fronts. We believe that we’re on the forefront of creating a dynamic lifestyle brand identity that runs with the overall feeling in San Diego right now. San Diego is also filled with unique spaces, like Liberty Station, for example. I fell in love with the onset of history and naval architecture, but because Liberty Station is revamping, to be able to create something new in an older space. We love to mix old with new to create something different and original. I think Stone Brewing Co. paved the way for what we’re able to do, and that’s uniquely San Diego.

Q: What’s next? Where to?

AF: We envision to grow the company over time. Right now, we have a California strategy. I believe California, in particular, is right for our concept because, of course, there are 40 million people, the weather is perfect, the movie culture is here, people are educated. From a lifestyle aspect, the people living here fit the image we’re trying to create: they’re educated, sophisticated yet relaxed and elevated. We’re looking at spaces in greater San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. Smartly and diligently, though, of course. Not garden variety or malls. Maybe Vegas, but it would have to be for locals—we aren’t interested in appealing to tourists.

La Jolla
7611 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037

Liberty Station
2620 Truxtun Rd
San Deigo, CA 92106
“We’re not going to be in run-of-the-mill shopping centers—we’re going to unique communities, like La Jolla or Liberty Station, where we believe we can make a difference.”

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