Poqet Donuts is Shaking Up the Donut Scene with Its DIY Confections

The Irvine Bakery Specializes in Stunning, Customized Donuts

Written by: Nicole Hakim Poqet Donuts 
Photographed by: Josie Gonzales

The Expert: Fenny Yan
Credentials: Owner, Poqet Donuts

Hailing from Shanghai, China, Fenny Yan is no stranger to the donut industry. Owning a Donut Star in Dana Point—which caters to traditional donuts—Yan has taken this favorite sweet to a new level with her charming build-your-own shop in Irvine called Poqet [pronounced “pocket”] Donuts. A mom and a businesswoman, she is constantly busy, but keeps trekking on because she is passionate about what she does. Fenny Yan has made a name for herself in OC with a shop that allows not only her creativity, but also the creativity of her customers.


Q: Poqet is such an interesting concept. How did you come up with the idea of a build your own donut shop?

Fenny Yan: I just wanted to do customization for donuts. All kinds of foods can be customized nowadays—like burritos and pizza—and I wanted to bring that to donuts.

Q: Operating a business sounds difficult. How do you keep it running smoothly and effectively?  

FY: Running your own business, things are nonstop. I take time to work things out. I balance my time and focus energy on it.

Q: When creating a menu, how do you brainstorm ideas?

FY: Some ideas come from our pastry chef; some ideas are from me. I like to taste different flavor combinations and foods [for inspiration].  

Q: Does the menu ever go through changes? How often?

FY: Yes. We change the menu every month. We add and take away at least one flavor per month.

Q: Is there a certain set of instructions when it comes to building a donut?

FY: Yes. 1. Choose either cake or raised donut. 2. Choose your filling. 3. Choose your toppings.

Q: I bet there are some people who don’t want to take the time to build their own donut. Is there a best seller for those who don’t?

FY: The glazed donut. They don’t want to spend more time to put the toppings on. Some people just like the traditional donuts.

Q: What are some weird combinations your customers have used?

FY: It’s been pretty normal. All the ingredients go well together because they’re fresh and sweet, so nothing’s weird.

Q: What is the best thing about running your shop?

FY: I can meet a lot of new friends here. I love meeting new people.

Q: What are your dreams for the future?

FY: I want to open more locations for Poqet. I’m looking to open more in Orange County.

Native Knowledge: Poqet is especially busy on Friday and Saturday, selling at least 1, 000 donuts on each day.

Personal Best: Fenny cites passion and determination as the keys to her success.

By Design: If Fenny Yan was not in the bakery business, she would love to be involved in the fashion industry.

Fun Fact: When she’s not working and/or baking, Fenny Yan loves to spend time with her son, hang out with her friends and go to the gym.

Poqet Donuts
17655 Harvard Ave Ste B
Irvine, CA 92614
Poqet Donuts makes your donut experience even sweeter.

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