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Plan the Perfect Outfit for Traveling in the City

Written By: Mallory Watkins

Photographed By: Rene Goldfarb Ilyashov

Clothing Provided By: Picnic Boutique

There is no shortage of things to do in San Francisco and with the wide array of transportation options, there is no excuse not to explore!


Public Transportation:
BART, Muni, Bus, Ferry

If there is one thing everyone in San Francisco can agree on, it’s that parking is an absolute nightmare.  So if your heading out for the day or evening, skip the hassle of finding a spot and opt for public transportation or car service. San Francisco has one of the best public transportation systems in the United States. You can get basically anywhere go in the city with a bus and a little bit of walking. So, if you’re going to spend the day with friends, why not hop on the bus?  As long as you are dressed in San Francisco fashion styled for the trip, there is nothing easier.

Flat shoes are key. If you are on a crowded line, chances are you will be standing. With all the hills, don’t risk wobbling around in sky-high heels.  Swap out your top-handle handbag for a cross-body. Again, if you are standing, you probably want to have your hands free to hold onto the bar or loop.  Older BART and bus seats can be dirty, so wear pants or longer skirts so you don’t have to sit directly on them!


Private Transportation:
Taxi, Lyft, Uber, Sidecar

Sometimes, where you’re headed is not convenient for public transportation, especially at night. San Francisco gets cold, and waiting outside for the bus is enough to make anyone want to stay in. Instead of being a homebody, call a cab or one of the many car services available and enjoy the freedom to wear your cutest-but-least-comfortable outfit.

Lose the jacket.  If you are heading to the bars or an event, you know it is going to be warm inside. Instead of checking your coat or carrying it around all evening, just leave it at home and enjoy your ride’s heating system. In this case, there’s no need to choose comfort over stye. Since you won’t be walking, go ahead and wear those stilettos. While a short dress can be fussy when you are riding the bus, there’s no reason not to wear it when you are being driven! So if the occasion calls for it, pull out that skirt that’s cut above the knee and enjoy your time out on the town!