Your Pup Will Give a Round of Ap-paws For These Modern Dog Houses in Palm Springs

Pijuan Design Workshop is All About Taking Dog House Design to Another Level

Written By: Erica Johnson
Photography Provided By: Willie Romero Photography Modern Dog House

As they say “It’s a Dog’s Life,” but these days, dogs have it pretty good. There are doggy spas, dog treat bakeries, daycare and dog strollers—everything to pamper and spoil your beloved companion. For those that have been there/done that and are ready for the next level, Pijuan Design Workshop offers hand-crafted, midcentury modern dog houses. Beautifully designed and perfectly functional, your puppy can now have his own dream home.

Alejandro and Sara Pijuan are the husband and wife team responsible for creating these wonderful abodes for the lucky pooch in your life. After receiving their degrees in architecture from USC, the pair have great careers with firms designing for humans, but find that designing for dogs is much more fun. “We work on high-rises and single family homes, but when people find out about the dog houses, they get really excited. It’s fun to see their reactions. You can see it in their eyes that it makes them happy,” said Alejandro.

You can treat your pooch to “1118 Woof Ranch,” a cedar-shingled ranch home inspired by Richard Neutra, complete with a planter, deck with artificial turf and a stand for water and food bowls. Your pup will love “Dog Re-Treat,” inspired by the use of recycled materials with a live roof system planted with carex grass. For the beach-lover, there is “Dog Tower 9,” a lifeguard station dog house that doubles as a stylish end table for books, lamps or accessories. There are other styles and options available for dogs of every size and every home is designed for the dog to be able to move freely in and out and see what’s happening outside through windows or portals.

The thought and care that goes into the construction of each home makes these not only a great way to show your love for your pet but also a great investment. You can have the homes customized to fit any style or even to mimic the architecture and style of your actual home. “We are open to the individual taste of the client. The goal is always to provide for the needs of the dog and the happiness of the owner,” said Alejandro.

Come One, Come All: Pijuan Design Workshop will be exhibiting at the Palm Springs Modernism Show Fall Preview Oct. 20-22.

Model Behavior: The Pijuan’s originally designed for their own beloved Husky, Adilynn, who is also the model for the brand. Modern Dog House

Pijuan Design Workshop@pijuandesignworkshop

Let Your Pup Live the Luxe Life in These Midcentury Dog Houses

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