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Get to Know Founding Instructor Samantha Gonsalves

Written By:  Kelly Emmer Pure Barre Palm Desert

Expert: Samantha Gonsalves
Credentials: Founding Instructor, Pure Barre Palm Desert
Fun Fact: Pure Barre has its one-year anniversary open house March 4 and 5

As Pure Barre Palm Desert approaches its one-year anniversary, the commitment to the brand remains as strong as on opening day. Residents welcome the low-impact sustainable workout, and take comfort knowing each movement can be adapted based on an individual’s personal fitness goals. This is largely attributed to a welcoming and consistent attitude among instructors, including Samantha Gonsalves, who has been with Pure Barre since its inception. We caught up with Samantha around what motivates and inspires her journey with Pure Barre, and what people can expect when they visit the studio for the first time.    

Q: What can someone expect from a Pure Barre workout?

Samantha Gonsalves: In Pure Barre, you are working your core for 55 minutes in a low-impact, sustainable way. You work each muscle to fatigue, stretch the muscle out, and move along to the next muscle. This is a great way to build endurance and sustainability without the high-impact weight lifting or cardio. I feel people enjoy Barre because of the mind-body connection enveloped in the class. It gives each individual an opportunity to really focus on their personal fitness goals with health and wellness.      


Q: I noticed the ballet bar in the studio. How is it incorporated in your classes?

SG: It is primarily used for stability when we work certain muscle groups. We do a few different leg sets with resistance bands, and the bar allows us to focus on the workout and provide feedback to our students during class. We also use it for what we refer to as ‘press away’ exercises, where the bar is used primarily for resistance training.  

Q: You mentioned this is unlike high-impact weight lifting or cardio exercises.  What are the benefits to the Pure Barre form of exercise?

SG: I would say a major benefit is the availability to anyone who wants to give it a try.  We can adapt any movement or workout so our students feel comfortable, and the goal is to tone, lengthen and strengthen the muscle. I would not recommend the class to someone primarily interested in heavy weight lifting or ‘bulking up.’

Q: You have been with Pure Barre since it opened last February.  How did it feel to teach your first class?

SG: Honestly, it was exciting and terrifying at the same time! I had never taught or worn a microphone in a fitness class, but once I recognized how encouraging everyone was, I relaxed and had fun with it. I have developed so many wonderful relationships with my students and my ‘regulars.’ I really love everything about it.  

Q: Do you ever come across individuals who are apprehensive about trying the class?  What do you say to encourage them to give it a try?

SG: I think in any type of new workout there is some level of apprehension. I try to work through doubt by encouraging them to come by, watch a class and ask any questions they’d like. My theory is what do you have to lose by trying it? You begin to realize the classes are about your personal growth and what you want to work towards. I find it very motivating.                 

Q: Congratulations on the upcoming one-year anniversary!  Is there anything we should know about the Pure Barre celebration?

SG: Absolutely! We will be having an open house Saturday and Sunday, March 4 and 5 and would love to have everyone come by. The instructors will be available to provide information and answer any questions in regards to the class formats and fees. There will also be a raffle, food and great specials on our Pure Barre classes!   

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Pure Barre Palm Desert Turns 1 This March!

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