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Unleash the Iron Master at new INTREPID Maze on The Queen Mary

Written by: Janea Wilson

What gets you in the spirit of Halloween? Marathons on Netflix watching kid-friendly movies like Hocus Pocus? Or perhaps something more in line with the Saw franchise? Are you into ghouls and goblins and other sorts of paranormal phantoms? If any of the above has caught your fancy, you will absolutely love this year’s fright fest at The Queen Mary — Dark Harbor: FEAR Lives Here.

This year, the Queen Mary introduces a new terrifying experience: The INTREPID Maze. Come aboard for a disturbing journey into the legend of The Iron Master. Other new experiences include PANIC, a one-of- a-kind 4-D Virtual Maze Experience; and if you’re incredibly bold, you can battle the evil HEX in a paintball shoot off.

When you type in “Is the Queen Mary…” into Google, the first auto-complete is “haunted?” And according to the tales that I recall from my own childhood growing up in Long Beach, I can answer without hesitating, “YES!” I remember the first time I went on deck of the legendary ship hearing all of the creaks and groans in hallways, filled with worry that some monstrous apparition would carry me away or possess me for whatever nefarious reason. Knowing all this, I still decided that going to this year’s spooky festival on the ship was going to be….fun?

Dark Harbor seems to appeal to all age groups, though I would not suggest bringing small children or big babies (like myself). If you need to take the edge off, you can head to the new Voodoo House, which features happy hour from 6 to 7 p.m. with potions and Tequila vs. Mezcal tasting flights. Complete your chilling experience by attending the actual “Freak Show, ” which you can upgrade or purchase tickets for once you’re in the park. Take a ride on the swings from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch amusement park — yes, you read that right. Have your fortunes told by the Tarot reader, or just have a carnival snack. To soothe my own emotional scarring, I got a gelato in a freshly made waffle cone the size of my head. Good food solves all problems, I’m convinced. Come play, if you dare, at The Queen Mary this Halloween season.


The Queen Mary: Fear Lives Here
1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802