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Smile, Eat, Play, Laugh and Take a Selfie

Written by: Morgan Gray HAPPY PLACE Pop-Up

In light of current events, it is easy to lose sight of the positives in life. Sadness is an epidemic that is plaguing the world around us, and we often forget and overlook the importance of taking out time for some laughs and smiles. This is exactly why veteran artist manager and producer, Jared Paul, created a pop-up exhibit in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles called HAPPY PLACE. Opening on Nov. 20 and closing Jan. 7, this exhibit will welcome people of all ages to enjoy 13 rooms filled with experiences specifically designed to make you happy! This 20,000-square-foot exhibit is chock-full of elaborate installations and multi-sensory immersive rooms all designed to “Capture Your Happy.” Here are some reasons why you should make your way to Downtown LA this season.


  1. Everyone is Welcome

HAPPY PLACE believes that if you can smile no matter your age, you are welcome! Paul shared his mission for HAPPY PLACE by saying, “I want to live and raise my children in a world surrounded by what makes us happy. With the amount of unfortunate events happening recently, I believe that our world as a whole can use more happiness. To make this dream come true, we set out on a journey to create a special place filled with smiles and laughter for all,” he said in a press release.


  1. Sweet, Dude

There is a candy room made for your sweet side. It features 7-foot-tall high-heels made from over one-million candies.

  1. Dome-O Arigato

HAPPY PLACE will be featuring the world’s largest Confetti Dome! It will “give guests the chance to twirl around while surrounded by half a million pieces of confetti,” according to the press release.


  1. Food, Food and More Food

HAPPY PLACE’s backyard will have a lemonade stand where net proceeds will be donated to charity. There will also be a popsicle truck, lawn games and a retail store centered around a retro RV. HAPPY PLACE’s food truck will be there featuring delicious happy-themed items, including Rainbow Grilled Cheese to make your Insta game top notch!


  1. Say Cheese

Selfies are encouraged! Come out to HAPPY PLACE to experience pure joy for yourself, and don’t forget to capture the moment with your camera and share it with your friends. HAPPY PLACE wants the happiness, smiles and laughs to be spread as far as possible!


Buy your tickets here.

242 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Smile at the HAPPY PLACE Pop-Up Experience in Los Angeles