Photography Provided By: Workhorse
Photography Provided By: Workhorse

Meet the Designers Behind These 6 Brands From Rancho Relaxo in Rancho Mirage

These Designers Have Made Their Way on Creative Expression and Handcrafted Design

Rancho Mirage’s Rancho Relaxo is a place that celebrates style, craftsmanship and artistry. The Greater Palm Springs shop is home to a variety of unique clothing, accessory and home decor brands that embody a sense of individual spirit and expression. From gender-neutral eyewear and handmade jewelry to playful ceramics and luxury leather goods, Rancho Relaxo is a shop that redefines free-spirited authenticity. Rancho Relaxo Rancho Mirage


Mia Hebib Rancho Relaxo Rancho Mirage

Brand: Oblik Atelier

Born in Bosnia, Mia Hebib began her jewelry education at the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, Croatia, which is where she was raised. She continued her education after moving to the US, where she eventually earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Art Degree in Metals and Jewelry and started her professional career in New York City. Since founding Oblik Atelier in 2007, Hebib continues to be the creative force behind her jewelry business. The pieces she designs are miniature, hand-produced, wearable sculptures—bold yet elegant and defined through sinuous lines, architectural forms and use of shapes, rhythm and positive and negative space. “The community spirit is reflected in Oblik‘s ethos, as I donate part of the proceeds to local communities and those shift as the needs arise,” explains Hebib. Oblik Atelier jewelry forges a unique bond between art, fashion and community.

Why Rancho Relaxo?

“Stella uses her industry knowledge, her experience and her friendships to carve out a special place in the desert. I very much appreciate her ethos that is highlighted in the “artisan-forward” spirit of each of the vendors she selects. I am honored to be a part of the Rancho Relaxo community,” says Hebib.

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Kimberly Van Schoyck Rancho Relaxo Rancho Mirage

Brand: Yunizon Eyewear

Prior to founding Yunizon Eyewear, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Kimberly Van Schoyck earned her stripes in the eyewear industry with 15 years of experience. She is a detail-oriented designer whose focus lies in the construction and materials used to create Yunizon’s products. Chiseled angles, colorful frames and custom inscriptions set Yunizon glasses apart from the rest, but the cornerstone of their design philosophy is to create unique, all-inclusive products through the brand’s gender-neutral lines and consideration of fit. “Our approach is to create a no-boundaries shopping experience; color, sizing and styling have no gender at Yunizon. We leave those decisions up to the customer,” says Van Schoyck. She has worked with counterparts across the globe, helping her develop insight into common fit issues. Van Schoyck’s collaboration inspired her to create Yunizon‘s Global Fit Technology.

Why Rancho Relaxo?

Rancho Relaxo has managed to put the excitement back into shopping. With big retailers gobbling up the small ones and homogenizing the market, there seems to be a lack of shops selling both regional and unique goods. Rancho Relaxo has managed to curate a unique blend of goods that makes me want to shop again,” says Van Schoyck.


Amber Smith Rancho Relaxo Rancho Mirage

Brand: Workhorse Jewelry

Workhorse Jewelry is the love child of twin sisters Amber Smith and Nicole Lindeman. The duo shares a passion of foraging for vintage, time-worn objects—ones they call “baubles.” Their shared vision lies in the art of using antiques as the basis for a brand new design. “We love the idea of reviving old concepts and designs and giving them new life—it’s the ultimate upcycle,” says Smith. The sisters work with a variety of materials, including 14-karat gold, sterling silver, diamonds and semi-precious stones to create pieces that tell a story. Each unique design is handmade in their Los Angeles studio and created to act as the “workhorses” in your wardrobe. “Our aim is to create meaningful jewelry that carries with it symbology and sentiment that will last a lifetime,” Smith explains. They make what they love and love what they make!

Why Rancho Relaxo?

Rancho Relaxo is vibrant, approachable and the antithesis of fast fashion. Stella thoughtfully curates a mix of high-quality goods, either artisan-made or manufactured primarily in the USA. It’s my go-to for gifts and desert chic essentials!” says Smith.


Pouneh Shahrestani

Brand: Design by Pouneh

Pouneh Shahrestani is a Palm Springs-based architect and interior designer by education, but she has channeled her passion for design into crafting jewelry and ceramics. Shahrestani works with wheel-thrown forms and slabs, and most of her style is influenced by her Middle Eastern heritage. “I love the creative process of taking my ideas from vision to completion,” says Shahrestani. From handcrafted earrings and accessories to contemporary ceramic bowls and plates, Shahrestani’s work is one of a kind and can add a unique touch to any space or wardrobe. “My aesthetic value is to bring the light and color of old Palm Springs to life…” she says.

Why Rancho Relaxo?

“I love the generational atmosphere of the shop—there is something for everyone. The organic nature of the products, which is healthy for the environment, and Stella’s support of small local businesses like mine is amazing,” says Shahrestani.


Corey Lynn Calter

Brand: Corey Lynn Calter

As a bold businesswoman with a spirited outlook, it is evident that Corey Lynn Calter’s evolving collection is one that catches the eye. Her vibrant pieces are a reflection of her inherent warmth and playful artistry—each one meant to inspire a life fully lived. “Seeing the sketches come to life never gets old; it’s like Christmas morning every time I see a new piece that I like,” says Calter. The Corey Lynn Calter collection is made up of colorful clothing, unique home decor, snazzy jewelry, and “very necessary” accessories. “I never want to be the dull product on the rack, I want CLC to jump out!” she says. Fusing the here-and-now and with iconic vintage looks, Corey Lynn Calter design is anything but a slave to trends. 

Why Rancho Relaxo?

“Stella is not afraid to stand out and take chances. This is the key to independent shops; they must carve out their space in the crowded landscape, and Rancho Relaxo certainly does so. I love the photo shoots they do conveying the positive and relatable energy that the store has created,” says Calter.


David Galan Rancho Relaxo Rancho Mirage

Brand: David Galan

What started with a UCLA Arts and Architecture degree quickly evolved into a career in art and design in New York City for David Galan, who created interiors for Ralph Lauren Home and managed, merchandised and maintained interiors at Gucci flagship, east and west coast Saks, Bergdorfs and Neimans wholesale doors. With a resume like his, it’s no surprise that Galan went on to create his own collection of luxury leather handbags and accessories. He draws inspiration from youth, architecture, contemporary art and culture, and his collection has been carried at Harvey Nichols, Nordstrom, Barneys and specialty boutiques around the globe. 

Why Rancho Relaxo?

Rancho Relaxo is an oasis of super chic and the best in basics. Clothing and accessories wise, there is something for everyone. Stella is a lighthouse in the fog of Palm Desert’s fashion,” says Galan.


About the Owner

Stella Adena

Owner, Rancho Relaxo

Adena grew up in Ohio and studied Economics and Japanese at Princeton University. After turning 30, she decided to move from investment banking into the world of fashion, where she worked her way up at iconic American brands such as Liz Claiborne, Henri Bendel and Ralph Lauren. With dreams of moving to California, Adena accepted a job offer as Director of Retail at a private equity company that invests in the leisure space of Greater Palm Springs. However, after eight years of working as Director of Retail, the company moved to Irvine, and Adena decided to stay in Rancho Mirage, where she brought her dreams to life with the birth of Rancho Relaxo. Catering to a guest on vacation is a passion for Adena; her goal is to give guests a physical manifestation of their time of leisure.

On August 7, Adena won the “Retail Excellence Award” from the Gift & Decorative Accessory Association in the category of special events. Congrats Stella!


Rancho Relaxo
69930 Hwy 111
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

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