This Self-Made Real Estate Phenom Has More to Offer Than Just a Real Estate License

Written By: Jane Adler
Photography By: Andrea Domjan Garrett Weston

Name: Garrett Weston
Job Title: Real Estate Agent

Garrett Weston is a household name in the sport of selling homes. With over $1 billion in residential transactions, you can say this guy really knows how to go big and get homes. But he’s more than just a real estate guru; he is a persona, a brand—he is, Mr. Weston.

This guy brings the bread and the butter to the table. He is white-glove service from start to finish. No task is too small or too mundane for Mr. Weston. He eats, breathes and sleeps real estate and has perfected his craft after nearly two decades in an industry that is saturated with talent—but none quite like his. And his clients love to use him as a “compass” when considering their next real estate transaction.

Having a job at 12 and work permit at 15, Weston has always been a “rise and grind” kind of guy. Even in high school, he was a teen by day and budding businessman by night—working a full-time job that helped him find his footing in the real estate world. Weston is someone who oozes passion, and his gusto is contagious. And while many agents in the business delegate duties to their team, as a self-made man, Mr. Weston finds satisfaction in being a part of the process. “I take pride in working in the business as well as on the business,” he says. “I’m there every step of the way.” And he has taken that saying to heart. “I built the business. I built a farm. I built a household name,” says Mr. Weston. 

Mr. Weston always goes the extra mile (or three), quite literally. He starts each day with one of his custom pre-selected coffee drinks from a touch screen coffee/espresso maker. Then he completes a rigorous workout with his personal trainer or a 3 mile walk. “It’s so good for the mind and body to keep moving,” he says. And while each day varies, you can assure he is always reachable at any given moment. “I pride myself on getting back to people right away. My goal is to answer every call, and if I can’t pick up, my finger is on the trigger to shoot a text and call back as soon as I can,” says Weston.

In a day and age where people expect you to be available on demand, it seems only natural that the never-ending nature of his business can get exhausting—but not for Mr. Weston. He still has the spirit of that 18-year-old kid who spent hours handing out market update flyers across the city and placing American flags in the front yards of his farm area from sunup to sundown. And even though he promises white-glove service, Weston is never afraid to get his hands a little dirty for the sake of a sale. That’s what you get with Mr. Weston, a veteran real estate agent who knows the roots of the business because he truly started at the bottom and worked his way up.

Unlike his larger-than-life personality, Weston takes a sort of “soft sale” approach to his business, letting his past work speak for him. He understands that a home is an intimately personal environment and to allow an agent into your sacred space is a huge deal for most people. You want someone who cares, who really sees everything from the handprints in the concrete to the tally marks on the doorframe.

Mr. Weston stages the house in a way that highlights its key features, educates himself on every nook and cranny of the home and creates an ambiance that allows potential buyers to really see the space for what it is and what it can be. “Make the connection to an emotion. Emotion drives price,” explains Weston.

When it comes to creating an atmosphere, there is nobody who knows how to set the tone better. “Play to your demographic,” he says, meaning know who this house is likely being marketed towards and create elements in the home that reflect that target audience. There are so many things that are often overlooked when setting up a private showing. All of the senses should be incorporated when a potential buyer is sizing up a spot, and Mr. Weston acts as your personal concierge to guide you through a home. “There’s an art to being informative and offering up some key points but not being overbearing and not hovering over people,” Weston adds.

And this is clearly an art he has perfected with 40-60 transactions per year and countless accolades. He has been involved in record-setting transactions, including the sale of the most expensive residences in several Orange County communities.

Weston treats every showing, every interaction and every first meeting like an audition. The goal is to be unforgettable. But, like all great characters, he eventually has to kick off his loafers, put away his suit and tie and get some shut-eye so he can do it all again the next day.

Exit, Mr. Weston.

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