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The Answer to Your Day Drinking Recovery

Written By: Gina Magnuson party Recovery

Whether you over-imbibed or got too much of the Coachella Valley sun, Dr. Nicole Ortiz, ND, co-founder of Live Well Clinic Holistic Solutions for Wellness and Aging, can help you make a full post-party recovery.

Q: What are some symptoms of post day drinking fatigue?

Nicole Ortiz: Dehydration, lack of sleep, heat exhaustion and excessive inhaled dust create the perfect storm to return back home post partying with a vengeful cold. While the stress of their jobs may be long forgotten, the body burden of excess alcohol, too little water, long hours of dancing and mornings in the sun by the pool takes a toll.  party Recovery

Q: We hear alcohol and hot weather aren’t the best combination. Is that correct?

NO: The desert is deceivingly warm and most coming from out of town do not realize the amount of water and sodium that leaves their body through sweat. Combine heat with the open air and wind and the loss of fluids intensifies. Alcohol all day and night and the double shot of espresso that help the party goers wake up after a night of partying is the perfect dehydration insult.

Q: What are the best ways to recover from a day of drinking in the desert?

NO: Get extra sleep, rehydrate, keep protected from long sun exposure. The desert depletes your sodium stores, so have a little sea salt and electrolytes in your water. I also suggest taking extra B and C vitamins, along with natural anti-inflammatory herb like curcumin and antioxidant coQ10.

Q: What services do you offer that work to help heal the body after partying?  party Recovery

NO: As preventative focused doctors at Live Well Clinic, we support party goers the weeks before, during and after. Typically, the week before we have specials for vitamin B injections, and immune and energy support herbal elixirs to take to support your body for a long party weekend. We also give pre and post “hangover helper” supplements to purchase such as the ones listed above. The mix of anti-inflammatory and liver loving vitamins will help you avoid getting sick or feeling hungover. In the highest demand are the rehydration and nutrient IVs we administer to ensure an immediate boost of support before or during the weekend of partying. The favorites are Flu Fighter, Gochella Juice and Hangover Helper.  

You should arrange your IV in advance if you plan to take advantage of IV therapy.

Revive from your night out with Live Well Clinic’s most popular healing remedies:

  • Live Well Herbal Immune Boost Elixir Tincture
  • B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc throat lozenges
  • Electrolyte infused water


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Avoid that Hangover after a Weekend of Partying!