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“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullsh** story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” ~ Jordan Belfort,  “Wolf of Wall Street”

When it comes to working out, we all know we should, and yet we all have those “stories” to tell ourselves as to why we don’t. Recently, I visited the gorgeous Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo and discovered a place that will challenge each and every excuse you may have. Here are rebuttals to the Top 5 reasons people give as to why they don’t exercise. Go to Renaissance ClubSport located in Aliso Viejo and see for yourself that there is truly nothing standing between you and your goal.

EXCUSE #1: I Have Kids.

Good thing there is a state of the art daycare in the same building as the workout facilities. This is not your run of the mill babysitting either…the helpful, (and certified) workers group the kids by age and give them fun and age-appropriate activities. You can even check in on your children via TV screens throughout the gym that stream security footage. Did I mention that with your membership you receive 4 hours of free child-care per day, per child? You’re welcome.

EXCUSE #2: I Don’t Even Know What Exercises I Should Be Doing, Or How To Use The Machines!

As soon as you sign up with ClubSport, they will schedule you an appointment with one of their professional trainers. In the first meeting they will run an extensive BMI test that can establish what exercises will help you meet your goals. They will then personalize a meal and workout schedule to help you get started. In the next complimentary session, the fitness gurus will show you how to use the gym machines properly. All that once was a mystery will be revealed.

EXCUSE #3: I Don’t Want To  Waste Money On Just Workout Sessions.

Three words: Renaissance ClubSport Spa. As soon as you sign up for membership, you are granted access to a playground of activities. You can relax in the amazing spa, go for a swim or just sit in the jacuzzi and steam room. The in-house cafe, restaurant and bar (which all feature low calorie and health conscious food), are always open to serve you. With WiFi running throughout the dining area, it’s easy to catch up on your emails and enjoy a low-cal cocktail. Your membership also offers a wine-club, “parent-escape” night, and preferred room rates at the adjoining Marriott hotel!


EXCUSE #4: Gyms Are Always So Packed, And The Classes Are Boring.

With over 110 group fitness classes offered throughout the week, you will never be bored. These classes are more than variations of yoga, (although, they have that too). There are fun and invigorating choices like boxing, aquafit and TRX training. Renaissance ClubSport has taken the time to hire professionals in all the offered fields, so you will never have to sleep through a poorly-taught pilates class again. The instructors are passionate about what they do. In regards to the sardines-packed-in-a-can feeling that you might experience with other gyms, this one is different. Take for example their spin bike room, normally you would have to grab those pesky tickets and wait in line, but ClubSport has over 50 bikes! That means whenever you would like you can hop on a bike and that goes for all their workout equipment as well.

EXCUSE #5: I Don’t Have Time.

We all know you do. Turn off “The Real Housewives” and be the star of your own reality show! If you are like me, chances are you are already wearing a complete Lululemon outfit perfect for being a couch potato working out. So put those pricey leggings to good use and go work out. I promise, you will be happy you did.


Renaissance ClubSport

50 Enterprise

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656