Party on Your Pedego This Fourth of July

What’s your Fourth of July bike route?

Written by: Michelle Slieff

When I think of the 4th of July I immediately think of past memories. Me cruising down the bike path on an extremely heavy bike from Huntington Beach to Newport and back…and how every time I should have brought sunblock. I think of the ride back and how it always and forever feels so much farther then the initial ride down to Newport. This year, plan ahead and take your Pedego bike along the path for a trek more manageable. A Pedego bike is an electric bike that’s tons of fun! You can pedal as much as you like, which by the end of the evening might be none at all. When I first heard of these I thought of traditional electric bikes that are loud and you can hear them a mile away. These are not like that at all! You can actually carry on a conversation with friends while riding, that’s how quiet they are. Pedego bikes offer the same experience of your typical beach cruiser but offers assistance when the time calls for it. So maybe this way, you might even make it a little inland, i.e. up that treacherous Superior hill. You can stay out late and watch the fireworks and then just use the pedal assist on the way home. You can also rent a couple bikes  for the day if your friend doesn’t already own one and you want to make a group adventure out of it. Look into the one with the sand tires if your feeling adventurous. I like to think of it as off-roading in style. This year, you don’t have to be too cool for some of your friends. With a Pedego bike you can hit up all the parties that you wanted to go to but weren’t sure you had the leg strength for adventures to multiple locations.

Check out their website for a retailer near you. Pedego’s are available world wide. Where will your Pedego bike take you?

P.S. Wear sunblock!


pedego bike

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